4 Things You Need Know About Planning Your Wedding

Wedding PlanningSo, he has finally popped the “big question” and you and your new fiancé are now on the road towards planning your perfect wedding together! As a soon-to-be bride myself, there are many things I have found to be quite useful in assisting in the planning stages of my big day. Whether choosing the right location, picking the perfect photographer or finding “THE” dress, wedding planning can be a lot of fun but it can also cause a large amount of stress for us. Here I hope to share with you the top 4 most useful things I have found that ensures the planning stage of your wedding is a productive yet relaxing process.

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1. Don’t pick your bridal party too soon
Once the excitement of your engagement has died down, it is a bride’s natural reaction to run off and advise her closest girlfriends of her desire to have them as her bridesmaids. If you are planning on having a long engagement, it’s important to remember that time has a way of changing things. If you are planning on being engage for longer than a year, it’s best to wait until approximately a year before the wedding to ask your bridal party to be apart of your big day. This avoids unnecessary conflict if the relationship does change, creating the hard decision to ‘fire’ a particular bridal party member.

2. Budget at the beginning
The amount of money spent on weddings can get out of control very quickly; therefore it is important for a budget to be set from the beginning. A plan that helped for me was to pick 3 big items that you decide to go all out on and then STICK TO THE BUDGET for the rest. For example, my fiancé and I got to choose two items and then one together. I chose the videographer, he chose the band and together we chose the venue. Therefore everything else such as the dress, photographers and cake needs to be strictly kept to the budget.

3. Remember the little things… These personalize your wedding
With organising all the large items such as the venue, your wedding dress and photographers, it can distract us from organising the small things such as table decorations, flowers, guest favors and the general theme of your wedding. It’s important to set time aside to decide on the direction you want your wedding theme to go. These small items all build up to really personalize your wedding and reflect the love that you and your soon-to-be husband share.

4. Relax
As stressful as planning a wedding can be, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t last forever and you need to enjoy this special time in your life. So stay relaxed and try to avoid situations that can cause unnecessary stress or anxiety. Ways to reduce your stress levels can include, exercises such as yoga or meditations, having a massage or taking the time out with your fiancé to enjoy a date night together.

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