5 Iconic but Unusual Wedding Dresses

5 Iconic but Unusual Wedding DressesAfter the famous photo of Queen Victoria made the white wedding dress the tradition to follow people have fallen in love with the idea. Year after year people marry in white, beige and ivory but not everyone has taken to the trend.

If you’re a girl with a bold personality and you want to show your pizzazz on your special day, go for it! Wear green, wear jeans, wear a suit or basically, wear whatever you like. Celebrities have been doing it for year and why shouldn’t you. Marilyn Monroe had no qualms in breaking the tradition and nobody held it against her.

The most important thing about becoming a life long couple is that those around you see the real you. So if you’d rather wear black and dance down the aisle then go for it. Icons have done it, do it, and will keep doing it and so should you.

Posted by Heather L.