[ Infographic ] A Quick Guide To Headpieces

A quick guide to headpieces
Dress? Check. Venue? Check? Groom? Check. So now you’re ready to pick your headpiece. There are quite a few things to keep in mind at this point and it may seem overwhelming. Use this fun infographic as a guide to find what headpiece is perfect for you. We aren’t saying that the headpiece is necessarily as important as your groom, but it is influential! It will be a large part of your wedding day, accenting your face, being in photos, and can even affect your mood. No bride will be happy if her beautiful tiara feels like its 1,000 lbs and digging into her skull! If you have a very classic, elegant wedding, a feathered headband probably is not the right choice for you, it may stand out when you decide to look back at pictures for years to come. We know there are millions of options out there, so here is a perfect way to start making your ultimate headpiece decision.

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