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lego cupcakeWe’ve all been to a good wedding and maybe some of us have been to a bad wedding. But there is something to be learned from every situation. If the wedding was bad, surely you had your two cents on how the wedding could have been improved and if the wedding was great, surely you’ve planned on stealing some of the little things that made it so. In the end, what it all comes down to is what the most important area is in a wedding and how to make that the best thing ever.

We asked our ladies what they thought and 60% found the vows to be the most important part of the wedding while 40% thought the reception was the most important part so lets look at ways we can make them memorable.

The Vows Aspect
So all of your friends and family have gathered to witness you and your beau become a united couple for life and it’s an emotional moment where parents may shed tears of happiness or cheer with joy. Everyone is different but nobody knows them better than you.

Sentimental vows
If you have friends and family who you have shared more than a few tearful moments with chances are as you’re walking down the aisle and saying your vows there will be some quiet sobbing going on so think of offering your guests an embroidered handkerchief to wipe their tears or a small customized pocket mirror so they can check their makeup post cry. Perhaps you can incorporate a special photo session afterwards with family members hugging and congratulating you before you head to the reception to capture this moment.

Fun loving vows
If your family and friends are known better for telling jokes and having a good time it’s quite possible that will be smiling and snapping photos and cheering as you place the rings. Think about their energy and find a suitable way to accommodate that to make your ceremony fun for them. People have been known to pull some interesting walks down the aisle including dancing to rap songs, cartwheels, singing and so on.

The Reception Aspect
So after you’ve said “I do” comes the reception. Everybody loves to eat, to dance, to chat and to share time with people they care about.

Sentimental reception
If your family and friends are more on the sentimental side think about keeping that tone, play more slow songs, if you’re playing games think about games that involve talking or taking surveys so people can share all the feeling and truly make your night magical. Make sure that before dessert you and your beau have gone to each table to personally thank them for coming so they can take those extra photos I’m sure they have been waiting to take with you.

Fun loving reception
If you have a more fun loving crowd to accommodate be sure to set the tone, have a casual style dinner that involves people moving around or tell the waiters to leave the stuffy suits at home and dress them in something more fitting to your tastes. Try photo booths where your guests can put on silly costumes, upbeat music or even planned dance routines for the bridesmaids or groomsmen’s.

So whatever you find to be the most important part of your wedding be sure to take into account your friends and family and who you are and find the most suitable way to make it perfect for everybody.

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