Ask Our Ladies: Overcoming the Holiday Pounds

Couple in Snow
Thanksgiving marked the beginning of the Holiday feasting. Apple pies, stuffing, fudge, peanut brittle and other mouth watering treats that no matter how much you plan to avoid eating this year, you’ll ultimately be snacking from now until after Christmas.

While it may feel like the world is out to sabotage your figure before the big day, fear not. There are plenty of ways to keep fit during this holiday season even if you hate exercising.

If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the many states with snow, a fun calorie burner can be a day of sledding with your friends or main squeeze. Walking up and down the snow-covered hills is a challenge in itself and you’ll have so much fun feeling like a kid again that you’ll hardly think of it as a workout. What’s more the amount of calories you burn is impressive with one hour burning more than 350. End the day with a few snow angels and head home for a warm mulled cider to curl up with near a fire.

Snowmen Building
Snowmen aren’t just for kids, so the next time there’s a big snow fall, get on your snow gear and head out for a snowman competition with your man. The loser has to shovel. Any time snow is involved, there’s a good chance an impromptu snowball fight will ensue so be ready.

Ice Skating
If you don’t have snow, head to the local ice rink for an afternoon of zipping around on the ice. Balancing on skates is a great way for toning and tightening your legs. Plus the added shiver factor helps burn extra calories. So put on your cute fuzzy earmuffs and matching gloves and have fun practicing your skills.

Skiing or Snowboarding
If you’re ready for a more intense workout there is always skiing and snowboarding. Head to the hills and get your snowbunny on. While these sports are more difficult and may take a lot of practice before you can actually do anything, you’ll still burn calories and tone your body so don’t fret, just have fun.

Indoor sports
If you hate cold weather and would rather stay wrapped up in a blanket than step outside in the cold. Try your hand at some indoor activities, Georgia goes spinning to burn calories and that is sure to make you sweat. Feeling adventurous, try hot yoga. The stretching and breathing are wonderfully uplifting and aren’t just good for your body but also good for your mind. If those sound too much like exercise and not enough about fun. Take up Salsa dancing to impress your guests at your reception.

This holiday season will be full of delicious foods and drinks but you can overcome the extra weight by finding a fun energy outlet to put some of your time into every week. Fun ways of calorie melting do exist, find a way to incorporate one into your lifestyle today.

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