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5 Reasons to Have Pre-Marital Counseling

Although divorce is not the topic that most engaged couples want to think about, the fact that almost half of first-time marriages in the United States eventually come to an end. It’s important to be aware of the kinds of … Continue reading

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5 Great Things About Being A NewlyWed

There is a lot of hype leading up to your wedding day, but don’t think for one minute that as you make the transition from groom and bride to husband and wife that your newlywed season doesn’t come with a … Continue reading

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Do You Know Your Partner’s Love Language?

The must-read book for all couples, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, shines invaluable insight into relationships. Mr. Chapman explains how to love your partner in a way that they feel loved based on their own needs, wants and … Continue reading

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10 Steps to an Eco-Friendly Engagement Dinner Party

Being green is no longer just a movement or a phase; it’s become a lifestyle for many, so why not have an eco-friendly engagement party so you can have fun, look beautiful do your part for nature all at the … Continue reading

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Creative Wording Ideas for Wedding Programs

As you’re in the midst of getting everything in order for your wedding day and finding your wedding dress, have you stopped to think about what you want your wedding programs to look like? We don’t mean what color paper … Continue reading

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101 Social Media Etiquette for You and Your Wedding Guests

So you’re getting #married! And because it’s all about social media these days (let’s be honest; social media has taken over the world) it is only normal that you, the bride-to-be, share your happiest moments on your social media networks. Many … Continue reading

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Fun with Monograms

Is your life happening in monochrome? Time to add a splash of monogram-inspired creativity! That’s right, monograms are back, and not only can you add them to your wedding items for some splendid personalization efforts, the ubiquitous nature of social … Continue reading

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[Matt T. Column] Dinnertime Dilemmas

Dinner poses a constant question. No one ever seems to know what they want to eat. You’d think that joining forces with another person would make the indecision less difficult, but it doesn’t. After you get married, you just have … Continue reading

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[ Infographic ] How To Change Your Name

Everyone knows that marriage can be hard work. But before you start out on your quest for eternal happiness, there is the task of officially changing your surname – should you wish to do so of course! We know it … Continue reading

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Can Exercise Benefit Your Marriage?

Research from professors studying at institutions like Harvard and the University of Arkansas confirm what many marriage counselors and personal therapists have been saying for years: exercising together can improve the quality of a romantic relationship. Assuming that you plan … Continue reading

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