Child-friendly Wedding Reception Activities

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More and more couples are inviting kids to their weddings and it comes as not much of a surprise since a wedding is after all the celebration of the joining of two families and this includes all members of the two families – kids included. For those of you who fall under the category of soon-to-be newly weds with kids, those who are your very own, those who are a part of the extended family or those who are coming as guests, you’ll be glad to know that we’ve listed a couple of interesting and entertaining activities that will ensure that your younger guests will have just as much fun as you and your other guests on this joyous day.

A great way to get your child-friendly activities started is to set up a kids table or a corner or space allocated specially for them. This way they get to mingle around and meet other kids of a similar age group. Children who are slightly more introvert and shy may feel uncomfortable being forced to socialize and if that is the case, just have them seated with their parents. Very young children, who still require help when eating, should also be seated with their parents. Have hired help supervise the kids table, corner or section to prevent any unfortunate accidents or any situation from getting out of hand.

Providing the kids with plenty of writing materials such as pencil colors, crayons and paper is a great way to keep them occupied. Be sure that the writing materials are washable just in case they decide to take their artwork to another level and end up scribbling on, say, the walls of the rented space for your wedding. Additionally, instead of table linens, you could cover the table with huge pieces of paper or table covers such as those in child-friendly restaurants, which allows kids to write, draw and color while waiting for their meals to be served.

At the kids table, you could also provide board games or other fun, child-friendly games. If you’re not planning on having a kids table, you could designate a room or area for games and even movies for your young guests. Drew Barrymore pitched up a tent which her young guests could play and watch movies at her outdoor wedding – definitely something interesting and worth considering. If you’re planning to go all out, you could even hire a clown or a magician to keep the young ones entertained with magic shows, balloon animals and funny skits

Kids make up a great component to any wedding because they are an invaluable source of entertainment, joy as well as laughter.

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