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Creative Wedding Favors For Your Guests

Finding the perfect wedding favors for your guests is no easy task. There are so many options and possibilities out there, which makes it extremely difficult to make a decision. Whether you want to get creative or just find things that are unique, here are a few wedding favor ideas that cover all of those bases.

wedding favors mason jar shot glassesPersonalized Flash Drive
This is one of my favorite wedding favor gifts. We all know, sadly, that the party must eventually come to an end. Send your guests home with a personalized flash drive filled with memories they can play on forever. Whether it’s images from the photographer’s camera or if it’s an actual video of the ceremony or reception, the choice is yours. You can go as simple as you want with the flash drive, or if you want to add a more personal touch, customize it with your wedding monogram!

Charitable Treat
If giving back to your community is important to you and your fiancé, there is no better time than your wedding day to give back to a special cause. Let your guests know you plan on making a donation in their names by giving them a cute party favor, such as a keychain or magnet, that’s tagged with a special message. Your guests will be thrilled to know that even though the day is all about the bride and groom, you still took a moment to give back to the community by supporting a special cause that’s close to your heart!

Soy Candles
If you’re having a wedding during the fall, giving your guests a beautiful soy candle is a great wedding favor idea. Everyone loves a nice candle! Find candles in shades that match your wedding theme or the fall season. If you are a crafty person, have fun with this project and make the candles yourself!chesapeake bay soy candleClassy Hangover Kit
If you know your guests are going to party hard at your reception, giving them each a hangover kit is a must! The guests will definitely be thanking you for saving their life the next morning. Include a bottle of water, Gatorade, small bottle of Ibuprofen and perhaps even a eye mask for their mid-afternoon nap they’ll be needing to cure that hangover! Bag everything together in a cute package and tag it with a fun label! Your guests will love!

The options are endless when it comes to selecting wedding favors, so make sure to choose something that reflects you and your big day. You want everyone to go home with a small memento to remember your wedding day by and by adding some personal flair and creativity to your gifts you’ll make your big day stand out even more.



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