Curing Bacne Before the Big Day

Are you dying to wear next season’s back-centric dresses but are afraid that your bacne will flare up just in time for next summer’s wedding? Well, worry no more because we have the cure for you. Follow our five tips and by the time you slip on that stunning backless dress, your bacne will be a thing of the past.

Choose the Right Body Wash
The perfect time to switch to a body wash that targets body acne is when you feel that initial breakout coming. These body washes contain the same ingredients that target facial acne and tend to be very successful in treating breakouts.

Use an Acne Serum
Acne creams just aren’t for your face. The best way to beat body acne is by washing with an acne-targeting body wash then following up with an acne serum. Let the serum soak in for a minute or two before you get dressed in order to prevent it from transferring to your clothes. Then, let the wash, serum and time work their magic.

Change Your Bra
Ladies, let’s be honest. Sometimes we wake up groggy and grab yesterday’s bra off of the floor. As convenient as this is, it could be the source of your bacne. Always wear a clean bra to reduce whatever was left over from the night before marinating on your skin for 12 hours or more the day after.

Visit the Spa
Many spas now offer back facials and if you can’t get a hold of your bacne on your own, head there so they can treat it. We recommend going no less than three days before you don that dress because sometimes your back will flare up before it calms down.

Visit the Dermatologist
When all else fails, visit the doctor. Sometimes bacne needs more attention than what over-the-counter products and a spa can provide. A dermatologist can provide much needed medicine and some injections will take effect almost immediately.

Unfortunately, body acne happens to all of us, especially when the weather gets hotter. Give your back extra attention to prevent or stop breakouts before they ruin your big day. We’ve used these tips before and we hope they can help you for your big day.

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