DIY Weddings

Tips And Inspiration

By Sara Doerrier

Planning a wedding, especially on a tight budget, can be stressful. Obviously, we all want to find that perfect and affordable wedding dress. But while you search, some others ways to help you alleviate your budget would be doing some things on your own. Do-it-yourself (DIY) is a great way for brides to save some money and get very creative as well! Let’s take a look at some of the top wedding DIYs for some inspiration.

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Wedding Invitations

We know that wedding invitations can be very expensive. Hand making your own invitations will not only save funds, but also provide a fun way to enlist your husband-to-be and do something together as a couple. Both of you can decide on the design of the cards and add your own style and flare. You can use your engagh6ent pics, ribbon, paper cut outs, and more. Note Give yourself enough time to prepare all the invitations. If you leave it to the last minute, the invites will look thrown together.


With the beauty of the internet you may never need to hire a florist because the tutorials on YouTube alone for DIY bouquets are endless. You can spend an entire day watching florists and wedding enthusiasts alike break down the art of bridal bouquet arrangh6ent. If you want to stay simple or go all out, the choice is up to you. You don’t want your bouquet falling apart as you walk down the isle, so be sure you practice.


Creating your own centerpieces can allow you to spend more money on your wedding dress. It’s a huge money saver. They, of course, are a necessary elh6ent in your decor and what better way to set the mood than doing thh6 yourself? If you want to use flowers, use flowers that are in season because this is when they are at their cheapest. Other options are to use potted plants or candles.


There are so many different ways to go about DIY wedding favors. Hundreds of websites are dedicated to the subject. Homh6ade or baked goods are a great way to ensure that your favors won’t go to waste. Make your favors personal, so that your guests leave with lasting memories.


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