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Finding the Perfect Shoes for Your Outdoor Wedding

What should you look out for? 

Spring’s amazing weather brings a host of outdoor weddings and a few panic-inducing issues like “What shoes do I wear to the wedding? All of my cute shoes will get stuck in the grass.” Well, that’s what we are here to help you with. Spring has so many wonderful options for shoes that brides don’t need to worry about sacrificing either form or function to find their perfect wedding shoe. Read on to discover just how fabulous your option are for wedding shoes that won’t leave you stuck in the grass.

Fantastic Flats

Many people think flats are just shoes for boring women or women that can no longer wear heels. Well these boring ladies here love them and have noticed the rise of the stylish, bridal flat. We don’t need to expound on the merits of a great pair of flats, but be warned, there are flats that can be just as uncomfortable as an ill-fitting pair of heels. We have discovered that the best pair of flats tend to have structure (those pairs with the elastic bands can cause a great deal of rubbing) and a sturdy, but soft insole.

Scintillating Sandals

Sandals are probably the most popular choice for brides on their wedding day. We have seen brides walk down the aisle in everything from flip flops to a dainty, but oh-so-sexy pair of jewel encrusted sandals. The key to pulling this look off is all about the heel height and thickness. Thicker heels are better at distributing weight, but we are also a fan of kitten heels since they manage to avoid completely sinking into the grass.

Wonderful Wedding Wedges

Wedges make us go squee! So, you can imagine our joy when wedding wedges started popping up all over the runways and in reality. There is nothing that a pair of wedges can’t help a bride accomplish. Shoot, we even know of one of our staffers that actually explored a hillside town in Turkey only to exclaim that the shoes were more comfortable than many of her other pairs of shoes. Now if a pair of wedges can get someone up and down hills, we’re pretty sure brides can manage to walk around their wedding ceremonies for a few hours and look fabulous doing it!

We know we only scratched the surface of the best pair of shoes to wear to an outdoor wedding, but stay tuned for more updates! In the meantime, get ready for your wedding reception with fantastic gifts and invitation ideas!

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