Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress for your Body Shape

Elise GownWedding Days is the most important day for a bride. Finding the right dress is one of the most difficult tasks. How can you find or choose the right dress that naturally enhances the beauty of your body figure?

Identifying your body type or shape is first step in finding the prefect wedding dress. Learning what works or doesn’t work for your figure.

There are mainly four types of body shape:

The Hour Glass or X shape
The hourglass or X shape is one where the width of the shoulder and hip is balanced or equal. The waistline is very slim and well defined. Women with the X shape can wear any style of dress but its best to choose dresses that accentuate your waistline. As your upper and lower body parts are perfectly balance is best not to add extra weight to either side. Additionally women with X body figure should avoid choosing empire line silhouette or ballroom dresses. Corsets and sweetheart neckline are great choices. If you are going for something a bit more curvaceous mermaid or trumpet style dress, A-line dress with dropped waist will show off more of your hourglass balance brides figure.
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Triangle Shape
Women who carry this body figure are wider at the shoulder area and narrower at the hip or lower area of their body. V-neck line dresses will divert the focus away from your shoulder. Puff sleeves, off shouldered and halter dresses are not good choices, as they will draw attention to your shoulders. Dressing with detailing at the hip and waistline tends to draw the right attention in that is creates a wide hip or defines the waist.

Apple Shape
This body figure carries the most volume than the others. Apple shaped figure carries a full figure. An Empire silhouette dress will de-emphasize your waist giving you a leaner fitter look. An A-line dress with a dropped waist is perfect for an apple figure. Women with apple figure should avoid dresses with Princess-line and basque dresses, as they will draw too much attention to your middle as sheath dresses.
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Pear Shape
Like the fruit, your body is smaller at the top and wider at the bottom. Princess style dresses disguise a fuller hip and focus attention on your bust. Tiered, trumpet and mermaid style dresses should be avoided, as they will draw attention to the bottom area of your body. Sheaths style can be unflattering. Strapless ball dresses like princess dresses emphasize the right bits.

Posted by Reecia C.