Five Ways to Cut Wedding Costs


Trim costs without cutting fun

By Natalie Tsang
November 3, 2018
Cut postage

First thing’s first. Etiquette requires that everyone you send a Save-the-Date also requires an invitation, but instead of return postage, you can include a link to your wedding website for people to RSVP. Not only does it save forty four cents a pop, but it’s also so much faster.

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Cut guests

Eliminating just ten guests saves more than food costs. It means one less table and floral centerpiece, eight fewer party favors, invitations and reply cards. It even saves a bit on photographs.
The guest list is often a major source of tension for the couple. Many experts suggest that you cut entire categories, such as young children or distant relatives. That can alleviate any feelings that one side of the family is being favored more than the other. You can also have a separate lunch or casual event with the cut guests to show that you care.

Get a bargain dress

This is where shops like Simply Bridal can swoop in and save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars. You should still frequent bridal shops to find a gown and fit that you absolutely adore, but then try to find that dress online from a reputable dealer. Take the extra time to check for testimonials to make sure that the company is for real!

Go local or go fake

Calla lilies are pretty but they cost way more than in-season roses, which, fully blooming, look much the same and are available year-round. Not a fan of roses, ask the florist what is readily available at the time of your nuptials. Using in-season flowers can save up to 20 to 30 percent on an expense that is usually 5 percent of your total wedding cost.
For fake and affordable flower alternatives, please check out this article.

Limit the booze

This not only makes for a cheaper but also more sober wedding party. Critics disagree about the cash bar. Some people think it’s in bad taste, but others don’t have an issue with it. For more information, check out How Much Booze



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