Give Them Favors They Will Love 2

Give Them Favors They Will Love

There are so many great ways to thank your guests for attending your big day, it just takes a little bit of thought and creativity. We have talked to numerous wedding guests and the consensus is that wedding favors you can eat or drink are a hit. So, if you want to give your guests favors they will really love, consider these ideas.


Wine or Beer Glasses
The alcohol industry is booming these days, and this can directly be attributed to liquor laws relaxing and the rise of the craft beer industry. More and more people are drinking wine and the beer and the wine industry has reported an increased amount of profits. Because of this, we can assure you giving your guests wine or beer glasses is the ultimate thank you.


Donuts or Beignets
Donuts and beignets are an absolute crowd-pleaser at weddings. Serve these little tidbits to guests when things begin to slow down and watch them be devoured. Serve with coffee or hot chocolate and they may never leave. A word of caution though, beignets are topped with powdered sugar, so they are best when served immediately and not boxed up for guests to take home later.


Hot Chocolate Mix
Is there anything more satisfying on a chilly day than hot chocolate? Well, the drink has gone glam with many versions including cayenne pepper or Madagascan vanilla to give it a luxurious twist. Many guests we talked to say they loved receiving upscale hot chocolate mix in mason jars as a favor. After all, they will be able to have a wonderful and cozy night in on behalf of you and your groom.


Remember how we said that alcohol was a major hit with many guests? Well, limoncello is one of those drinks that refresh you and are popular the world over. The Italian drink is tasty and budget-minded brides and grooms can rejoice because they can make this beverage in the confines of their own homes. A drink that is refreshing, popular and cost-efficient? It’s the wedding favor trifecta!

It’s important to find a good balance between creativity and usefulness when thinking of the perfect wedding favor. You want your guest to think it’s original, but also be able to use it at some point soon after the wedding. The possibilities are endless!

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