Honoring the Women in Your Life on your Wedding Day: Part II

bride with sister
In continuation to last week’s post on honoring the important women in our lives, today, we focus on what we can specifically do for each women of the family.

For your Mom
Ask your mom to walk you down the aisle with your dad, or ask her to speak or pray at your ceremony or your reception. You can pick little details to honor her such as playing her favorite song during the dance or choosing her favorite color for your flowers. Always remember to officially thank your mom in your speeches and to thank her personally every chance you get.

For your Mother-in-Law
She is going to be your new mother-in-law and it is crucial to show her your respect and care. You can ask your man to wear her favorite flowers as his boutonniere, and ask if she would like to give the newly weds a toast and a blessing during the reception. Mention and honor her and her marriage in you speech.

For your Sister
Often sisters serve as maids of honor. In addition or instead, you can ask your sister to help you with your hair or make up like she used to when you were younger. Treasure your memories in the details by wearing the same nail polish with her and making sure to take lots of sister photos.

For your Sister-in-Law
Always invite your new sister-in-law to join your girls’ events. On the wedding day, include her in the pictures you take with your siblings and make her feel cared for as if she’s your own sibling.

These small gestures of love and care will make your wedding vows even more beautiful and meaningful.

Posted by Uni C.