How Do You Know He’s the One

bride and groom
Unfortunately, there is no crystal ball that can tell engaged couples if they are headed for a lifetime of bliss. Yet, they are not exactly entering into this wedded bliss situation completely blind. However, there are a few signs that can (re)assure you that you are marrying Mr. Right.

He Accepts You for You
He knows how much you owe on your student loans and he still loves you. At this point, you should not have any crazy habits he hasn’t seen or any secrets (well, we women should always have one good secret.) he doesn’t know. If you find yourself walking on eggshells, hiding who you are or trying to change to appease him, this may be a bad sign. You only get one life so it may as well be yours.

You Know How to be Together and Apart
Have you ever met a couple who is insecure to the point where one cannot be without the other? Although it may seem cute at first, everyone needs their own space. Just because you are merging two lives does not mean that you erase everything up until you become one. Being secure in your relationship will allow you to function when you are apart and let the sparks fly when you are together.

You Enjoy Each Other’s Company
This may seem like an obvious statement, but believe it or not, it isn’t. Sure, it’s easy to enjoy each other’s company on an expensive date. Just look at how many women thought they were in love with the Bachelor because he took them on amazing luxury dates. We are talking about enjoying your fiancé while you are sitting in bed reading and he is surfing the Internet. If he enjoys doing the most mundane of tasks of with you, you have a winner!

You Love Him in the Present
At the beginning we talked about him loving you for who you are, but you also need to love him for who he is. Granted, your fiancé may have a ton of talent and a bright future ahead of him, but would you still love him if he never attained his professional goals? If you love him for who he is right now, not tomorrow, then you are marrying the right man.

Love, acceptance and enjoyment are the key traits of Mr. Right. After all, don’t you think that someone that values your time, knows everything there is to know about you, loves you and looks hot should be taken off the market?

Posted by Anna K.