How to Keep A Bridal Train Clean

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Many women envision themselves walking down the isle with a long, dramatic train flowing behind them. Trains are indeed dramatic and beautiful, but keeping them clean can be a challenge. Following a few simple steps before, after, and during the wedding can help keep your train clean and gorgeous.

Before the Wedding
Most bridal gowns, even if brand new, will need to be dry cleaned before the big day, as they often gather light stains during fitting sessions. After the dress has been cleaned, it will be pressed and ready to wear. It is important to make sure that the dress is immediately stored in a protective garment bag to prevent any stains. When handling the dress before the wedding, only touch the dress with clean hands, and only try it on in areas with spotless floors. If at all possible, try to wait until your wedding day to handle the dress.

During the Wedding
Keeping your train clean during the wedding can be easy or challenging, depending on the train length. You will most likely need help from attendants to carry the train if it is longer than a few feet. Most shorter trains are easily managed by the bride. A small loop can be attached to the train and then worn over a finger to make carrying the train easier. If the dress has a simple bustling system, another option is to bustle the gown before the ceremony, and let the train down just before the festivities begin. The goal is to get to the isle without getting the train dirty. After the ceremony, the train can be bustled, which will keep it clean.

After the Wedding
Almost every wedding gown gets at least somewhat dirty throughout the wedding and reception, even when great care has been taken to keep the dress clean. It is tempting to hang the dress in the closet and forget about it, but sending it back to the dry cleaner right away will prevent any stains from setting in. After cleaning, store the dress in a protective garment bag or display box. Keeping the train as clean as possible before and during the ceremony is important, especially for photo sessions, but cleaning the dress afterwards is key if you would like to hand your dress down as an heirloom in the future.

Being mindful of your surroundings when wearing the dress can go a long way towards keeping it clean, as well as choosing the appropriate train length for your wedding. For example, a very long train would be almost impossible to keep clean during a beach or forest wedding. No matter what train length you choose, bridal gowns with trains of all sizes can stay clean and beautiful if the proper measures are taken before, during, and after the wedding day.

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