How to Match a Shawl to Your Wedding Or Bridesmaid Dress

Shawls make for a great addition to practically any bride’s and/or bridesmaid’s outfit. Not only do they provide warmth should things get a little chilly during the wedding, they are also a great option for modest brides who can’t seem to find anything with sleeves that is to their liking. On top of that and if you’re looking at colorful or printed shawls, you’ll find that they’ll also add a pop of color to your overall look. But with so many different shawls to choose from, how do you pick one to match your own wedding dress or the one for your bridesmaids to match theirs?

For starters, pick a shawl made out of a fabric that’s appropriate for the predicted weather. For colder temperatures, it will definitely help if your shawl is made out of heavier fabrics such as wool or cotton so your shoulders will not have to suffer from the cold. For hotter temperatures, on the other hand, lighter fabrics such as silk, satin or lace will ensure that you keep cool and comfortable while still appearing very chic. Lace shawls are a very popular pick amongst brides because they lend a romantic touch to the outfit so you might want to consider that if you happen to be planning a summer/spring wedding with a romantic theme.

Once you’ve decided on a fabric, picking the right color is also important because you wouldn’t end up with a shawl that clashes with the color of your wedding dress. If you happen to be wearing white on your big day or if your bridesmaids happen to be wearing a neutral color like beige then picking a color might not prove to be that much of a headache but you might want to consider the color scheme of your wedding decor as well so that your bridesmaids and you won’t have shawls that appear to be out of place when placed against the decor.

Another thing to consider when picking a shawl to ensure that your overall look is completely pulled together and not conflicting with each other instead is to make sure that your bridesmaids’ and/or your jewelry – if any – complements the shawl; silver, platinum or pearl jewelry will look amazing with a darker colored shawl whereas gold accentuates lighter colored shawls perfectly.

Shawls really are a great way to turn an already stunning dress into a knock-out. With so many different styles, shapes, colors and designs available out there, you and your bridesmaids will definitely find that perfect piece to go with your own gorgeous gowns.

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