How to Prepare for Your Winter Wedding

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Happy Thanksgiving, all! Today, our writer Matt is writing about how to warm and comfortable for your winter wedding.

If you plan to have your wedding during winter, then there are certain issues that you should think about while preparing for your special day. Having the right clothes, decorations, and refreshments will help everyone have a great time celebrating your marriage.

Winter Wedding Clothes
Even if you plan to spend most of your wedding day indoors, you should still wear clothing that will help you stay warm. You could end up posing for pictures outside or standing in a drafty area of the room that chills you.

Wearing season-appropriate clothes doesn’t mean that you have to pass on that lovely strapless dress. It just means you should have a shawl or wrap to keep your shoulders warm.

You might want to rethink open shoes that will expose your skin to cold air, water, and snow. Closed-toe shoes can look terrific. Just look for an option that matches your dress well.

Decorating for a Winter Wedding
Winter gives you plenty of chances to explore unique decorative styles. Many couples choose to bring the beauty of winter into their wedding and reception hall. They might use paper snowflakes, ice sculptures, and artificial snow. If you have some money set aside, this is the perfect time to splurge on diamond earrings. They will hang off your ear like ice.

Some people think of winter as a desolate time of year, but there is plenty of life that you can use to decorate your wedding. Cuttings from an evergreen tree, for instance, could add a wonderful scent to your party while also decorating tables. They make a great alternative to flowers that have gone out of season. You can even fill vases with holly berry, a bush that develops bright red fruits as winter approaches.

Party Favors for Your Guests
Since it’s winter, you might want to give your guests party favors that fit the season. Depending on your guests’ preferences, you might give them hot chocolate mix, small bottles of bourbon to keep them warm during the evening, peppermint candies, or gingerbread men decorated with hearts or the date of your wedding.

Feel free to get creative. If you can find clothes, decorations, foods, and gifts that say something about you as a couple, then you should definitely include it in your winter wedding.

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