How to Throw a Kid Friendly Wedding

Kid's Candy
Having kids at your wedding can be fun as well as creating a real family feel with all generations enjoying the day. But it’s worth remembering that even the most well behaved child can become disruptive if they get bored and tired. The only way to avoid any kiddy outbursts is by considering all the potential things that could go wrong when such guests are in attendance. For example, for some mini guests they may require changing facilities where they can be fed and changed through out the course of the day.

Hungry and thirsty children are just what you want to avoid! So make sure there is plenty of child-friendly food and natural fruit juice to hand at all times. Avoid artificial varieties.
Ask parents in advance of any hints or tips that they would suggest to help create a fun day out for the children. Such as what is their favorite board game?

Employing a children’s entertainer is the normal go to idea when ensuring that children are kept distracted as well as making sure they have a tonne of fun. If you’re on a budget look for an entertainer that can double up as both a child/adult performer.

Get them involved! Kids would love nothing more than being part of the celebrations so they can be coo’ed and awww’ed at. Make sure they have a song dedicated to them on the DJ’s playlist so they can bust their little moves on the dance floor, this will create a fun memorable moment for the whole wedding party to enjoy.

Always think HAZARDS when children are about. If there are any dangers at or near the venue such as a busy road, alert parents. Catering is always difficult but even more so with children of varying ages with dietary requirements. Always create the option of child friendly alternatives also having snack boxes at tables with kids on is a definite must.

Overall unless you’re having a black-tie affair, bets are that at least a couple of kids will be guests at your wedding. Having to carry out kiddy pre wedding planning can be a real headache on top of all the other planning you have to do, just to keep your adult guests happy. But remember it will all be worth it come your dream day (minus the wailing toddler).

Posted by Amy T.