Incorporating Pets into Your Wedding

Admit it, you love your pets more than you love some of your family members. So, you believe it is only fair you should have the furry love of your life participate in your wedding. But even though you know your fur baby won’t be present during the entire ceremony and reception, you still want him to be a big part of your day. Here are a few ways to make that happen…

Wedding Photos
Wedding photos are our favorite way to incorporate pets into a wedding. This way you can get multiple shots of your fur baby without having to assign a designate a friend to watch him or her. Photos are the easiest way to have your pet appear in your wedding while minimizing responsibility to guard him throughout the wedding.

(Credit: Happily Wedding)

Ring Bearer
We never get tired of seeing the family pet walk down the aisle dressed in a tuxedo as the ring bearer. This act tends to be a crowd-pleaser and makes for some great photos as well. Since a cat or dog ring bearer has a bit of responsibility, we recommend only older pets that are able to follow instruction participate in this wedding activity. The last thing any bride and groom need is for Fido to decide the wedding is the perfect time to chase birds with the wedding rings tied around his neck.


Walk the Bride Down the Aisle
Calling all horsewomen! Now we love dogs and cats walking brides down the aisle, but what better way to make an entrance at your wedding than on the back of your favorite steed? Horses have been appearing in a lot of bridal photos as of late and we think they’re terrific. A word of warning though, it is best to do a test run with a billowing dress before the big day. Some horses can become easily spooked by billowing fabric and you don’t need your horse to suddenly morph into Secretariat for your big entrance.

(Credit: Taisia Gordon)

Pets have become loyal members of the family, so it’s only normal to play a role in your wedding as well. Just make sure they can perform the actual task you are asking them to do ahead of the big day. And make sure you send us through some of your pet-friendly photos. We can never get enough of seeing wedding photos with everyone’s favorite furry critters!