[ Infographic ] Cake Toppers

Cake Topper ideas With every wedding there comes the inevitable large components that need to be planned and arranged; the dress, venue, guests, they are all good places to start. The cake can, too, fall under this category, but with something as personal and important as your wedding day it is often the smallest details that make it unique. This is where choosing what sits on top of your cake comes in. Cake toppers are a great idea and present a fun and easy opportunity to showcase your personality as a couple. The topper you choose could be an inside joke, something you both love or something more traditional, like a pair of beautiful figurines. Our infographic gives you a number of ideas to get the ball rolling but, like many things these days, once you start looking there are hundreds of options and every couple is different so it is up to you to personalize! Not only can they be an individual touch you add to your wedding on the day, cake toppers also count as one of the few mementos that can be kept and displayed for years to come. In this way, choosing one that you love is of utmost importance, even if that means breaking away from the traditional bride and groom figurines and having a bit of fun with it. After all, it’s one of the few days that is all about you and exploring the options on offer to you can’t hurt! Posted by Beth C.