[ Infographic ] How To Change Your Name

Steps you might consider taking Everyone knows that marriage can be hard work. But before you start out on your quest for eternal happiness, there is the task of officially changing your surname – should you wish to do so of course! We know it isn’t easy and there can be a couple of pitfalls along the way, so we’ve traced the journey from Miss to Mrs and come up with a few handy hints to help.

In many cultures taking your husband’s name is not considered necessary or even normal; some newlyweds carry on as before with their own surnames, while others assume the wife’s name for their new family. In some cases, no name change will be allowed without a legal appeal! However, like many things involved in marriage, taking your husband’s name is an age-old tradition in the English-speaking world, stemming from thousands of years ago.

Many say the act of changing your surname has biblical roots and should be used to symbolize two separate people becoming one through their marriage. In these modern times this does not mean that women must surrender their own identity or independence on their wedding day, rather you can accept your husband’s surname as an empowering way of showing your new partnership to the world.

Posted by Beth C.