[Infographic] Loving around the World

loving around the world infographicLoving is human nature, and through time, each culture has developed their own special way to symbolize and protect their love for one another. Some of these traditions have been around for thousands of years, whereas some started much more recently. While the diamond engagement ring really only started in the 1920’s, the Korean depiction of ducks or geese in weddings, since they mate for life, has been around for centuries.

Some have worked themselves into mainstream American culture, like the boutonniere being the color of the bride’s bouquet, stemming from when knights would wear the color of their lady to display their love. However, some have either died out, or are still only practiced in their original country.

In today’s culture, there is a likelihood that you and your hubby to be are from very different backgrounds, and each of your cultures have different traditions. You can always incorporate both! You can have both the traditional Chinese tea ceremony and the breaking of the glass from Italy. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits with how you want your special day to go.

Posted by Mary Y.