[ Infographic ] Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed“Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.”  Over the last two weeks we have shared our ideas on how to incorporate both new and old items into your wedding. This week we focus on “something borrowed”! Did you know that originally “something borrowed” was based on the superstition that brides could be made more fertile by borrowing an item from a married woman whom had already had children? Now-a-days brides may borrow an item from a loved-one regardless of their relationship status, although they still typically borrow items from happily-married friends and family.

Here are a few options you may have initially overlooked. Some of our favorites include jewelry and hot rods. Your wedding may be the perfect opportunity to borrow your grandmother’s stunning antique jewels. Most-likely she will be happy and honored to lend them to you on your big day. Keep in mind you can borrow something from men too! Remember your uncle’s favorite convertible? Now is your best bet for that free ride. The key factor to this is that you MUST remember to return the item either right after the wedding or the next day.  You can return it in person or have a family member or bridesmaid do it, but it must get done!

If you are planning on having children, this may be another incentive to carefully storing items from your own wedding. Perhaps they will want to borrow something from you one day!

Posted by Amy K.