Keep Your Wedding Costs Down While Having More Fun

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Matt, our resident male writer, has done it again! Written a great wedding blog post using his
oh-so-important male POV. However, the girls were a bit skittish when he suggested we scrap the professional photographer. But how will you remember it, we asked. The bottom line is that it depends on the needs of your wedding.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great wedding. In fact, you can even have more fun while keeping your expenses low.

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Skip the Professional DJ
Professional DJs might have thousands of songs to play, but they don’t know anything about your personal taste in music. Instead of hiring a professional DJ that will charge you a few hundred dollars for the night, make a playlist of your favorite music. That way, you know you’ll have the songs that you and your friends love to dance to.

There is something to be said for a DJ who can read the crowd and choose appropriate music. But you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get that. If you have a friend with a huge record collection, ask him or her to DJ your wedding. You’ll get a more personalized playlist, save money, and get to invite another friend to your party.

Who Needs a Photographer?
Save money on a professional photographer by distributing single-use cameras. Just put a couple of cameras on each table and collect them at the end of the night. Your guests will take candid shots that even the most talented photographer couldn’t have captured.

Have Your Wedding at Home
You can easily spend a couple thousand dollars on a venue for your wedding, or you could save that money by hosting your event at someone’s home. This might mean that you have to keep your guest list shorter, but it also means that you don’t have to follow a venue’s arbitrary rules. When you have your wedding at home (or the home of a relative), you can stay up dancing as late as you want, choose the caterer that you want, and get as rowdy as you want. As long as the host is cool with it and no one has to call the cops, you can have the party of your life!

Homemade Meals for Your Wedding
If you have someone in your family who loves to cook and bake, then you could save a lot of money on catering. Choose a few dishes that everyone will like (such as pasta or barbecue) so no one has to spend weeks preparing for the meal. You can also reduce your catering costs by making desserts or appetizers on your own. The caterers can do most of the work, but you’ll save a bit of money by doing your own thing.

If you don’t want to burden one person with so much responsibility, have a potluck reception. There aren’t any rules saying that you can’t ask guests to bring a dish. Everyone will get to share their favorite recipes and eat a more diverse set of foods. Plus, you get to avoid expensive catering bills. That’s a huge win for you and your guests.

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