Modest Wedding Gowns

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More and more brides-to-be these days are choosing to wear a more modest wedding gown on their big day, if you are one of these women, don’t let the lack of choices scare you! Many believe there aren’t as many choices when choosing to go modest, but there are really more than you think! With so many styles of wedding dresses available these days, it can seem a little bit overwhelming. But by breaking it down into the most important parts of a dress, it will become a much easier and fun process!

Step 1: Choose the silhouette
Although many women already have an idea of what kind of silhouette they would like to wear on their wedding day, some woman don’t. The best way to choose your silhouette is to ask yourself what type of figure you have? Are you tall? Petite? Curvy? Pear Shaped? This is a great way to begin your modest gown search because you want to make sure you select the best silhouette to flatter your body shape.

Step 2: Choose the color of the wedding dress
As we all know most brides choose to wear white on their big day. However, many brides are beginning to experience with various shades of white and ever faint pastel colors. Don’t be afraid to have some fun and experiment with a different color!

Step 3: Choose the sleeve length & neckline
Once you know the basic shape and color of your wedding dress, the next decision you’ll want to make is the sleeve length and the type of neckline.
When choosing a sleeve length, keep in mind what season you’re getting married in. Women who choose to wear a modest gown generally wear a sleeve ranging from a cap sleeve to even a full-length sleeve depending on the season. Along with sleeve length you can also decide weather you’d like a traditional fitting sleeve or something a little more unique for a wedding gown. For example, if you’re getting married in the spring time you might want to go with a shorter sleeve, but another option would be to go with a full length sleeve that is loose fitting to allow air to pass through and keep you cool. Ethel Gown

Modest wedding dresses are now available with more options for necklines than ever before. When deciding on the neckline for your modest wedding gown, you generally choose something that is a little more conservative and higher cut, however, there are ways to alter a neckline so you can still do something more interesting that just a basic neckline. I love the gown in the image below, it contains the sweetheart neckline, which is a very popular choice for many brides but it is also conservative with the lace that adds coverage in a very elegant way. It shows that a bride who chooses to wear a modest gown on her wedding day still has a lot more options that just a high cut neck and that she can have fun playing with the attributes of her dress in order to make it unique to herself!

Step 5: Personalize it
Now the complete look of your wedding gown is almost done, the last thing you have to do is personalize it to yourself. We all know most women wear a white gown on their wedding, so making your complete look stand out from other brides is a great way to make your guest remember your wedding day! By adding things that show your unique style you will be sure to make a statement. Try adding a piece of funky jewelry or a pop of color with your shoes or even sneakers if that’s what you’re most comfortable wearing! You’re in charge of your wedding so make it unique and fun!

Best of luck in the hunt for your perfect modest wedding gown! Remember to have fun, there are just as many choices to choose from!

Posted by Chelsea M.