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Starbucks Weddings

Some Starbucks lovers have taken their obsessions to the next level by doing engagement photo shoots, holding their bridal party, or even tying the knot in Starbucks! Many couples have shared their special Starbucks Days using the hashtag #StarbucksWedding on Instagram. Starbucks in Hillsborough posted a photo last December and congratulated the newly weds saying “After all, we are your third home.”

(Source: Cosmopolitan)

Indian Disney Brides

Amrit Grewa, a wedding photographer from Vancouver have paired up with a bridal store in Surrey, British Columbia to create beautiful photo shoots with Disney princess themed Indian wedding dresses. The company designed 9 dresses inspired by different 9 iconic princesses including Snow White, Cinderella, and  Ariel. As amazing as it seems, some of these high-budget dresses can cost as much as $10,000. Adding on the jewelries, it might cost near $20,000.

(Source: Mail Online)

Wedding Rescheduled Due To Pope Francis

A couple in Philadelphia, Natalie Suresch and Joe Felicetti, chose their wedding date to be on September 26th  with everything planned out, but Pope Francis announced he will be visiting Philadephia on the same day. While the couple was looking for potential hotelsfor their guests, they couldn’t find one within 50 miles. Unable to compete with the Pope, they decided to change their wedding date. People joked about their experience and told them “You should have just gotten the pope to marry you!”

(Source: CBS Philly)

A Fairy Tale Wedding

Taiwanese super star Jay Chou, 36, wedded Hannah Quinlivan, 21 year-old model, on Saturday, Jan. 17 at Selby Abbey, an 11th century-old church, in northern England. The wedding started exactly on his 36th birthday at Taiwan time, with a 20-member live orchestra playing a piece of music he composed particularly for this occasion. 

(Source: The Gospel Herald)

Staged Weddings in Maroon 5’s “Sugar” Music Video

Turns out, most of the weddings in the music video “Sugar” are staged. People identified actor Nico Evers-Swindell, model Raina Hein, and actor Stephen Woo and his wife Barbara. Stephen and Barbara Woo even confirmed that the wedding they’re in is staged. However, there are a couple of real weddings in their. A photographer from one of the weddings talked to USA Today and confirmed that the one he attended is real. “The only people who know about it was the groom and the DJ.”

(Source: USA Today Life)