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Beautiful College Campus Wedding Venues

College Ranker recently published a list of top 50 most beautiful college campus wedding venues. The Cadet Chapel at United States Air Force Academy topped the list by its varnished glass windows and the surrounding views. Other schools on the list includes St. Louis University, University of Florida, and Hampshire College. 

(Source: MLive)

John Legend Offered To Sing At Your Wedding

American singer John Legend decided to share some love by running a campaign for his education charity The Show Me Campaign for Valentines Day. If you contributed $10 (or more) to the charity, you would be entered to win his live performance at your wedding (or any event of your choice)

(Source: Cosmopolitan)

Get A Different And Unique Wedding Memories – Book a Drone!

Drones are definitely the new hot topic at weddings. Drones outfitted with a camera are increasingly being used to document weddings as couples are drawn to the unique aerial perspective. Guests at weddings have stated with a drone to document things they feel like “a celebrity attending another celebrity’s wedding.” A wedding photo taken by a drone flying above a reception near Portland, Ore., last August.

Mystery Bride Purchases A Wedding Gown For Another Bride To Be

When Liz Jensen went alone to a pop-up for wedding dresses, she found the perfect wedding dress and was headed to the counter to pay for it, was when she was told that the tab had already been paid for. Carrie Ling, a co-owner of the shop Elizabeth Cooper Design, told ABC News, “That a mystery bride came into the store just before and tried one a few dresses, but didn’t quite find the right one, so she offered to pay for someone else’s dress – she pointed to Liz and said, ‘I think I’ll pick her, she wanted to be anonymous and that was all that went into it.’
“We want to have our marriage built upon that principle of giving to other people,” Jensen said. “We want to have the news clip of our wedding dress story and a table set up where guests will pledge to be kind and do a service for someone else.”
PHOTO: Liz Jensen, pictured with fiance Jimmy Gillespie, was surprised to find that a stranger paid for her wedding gown. (Source: ABCnews)