Stylized Shoot By White Ivory Photography

Artistic wedding photography with a wonderful sense of lightheartedness. White Ivory seeks to capture the effortless interactions between the both of you, the beautiful color palettes and exquisite details which compose the aesthetic of your wedding day.

201409_White Ivory Photography_002 201409_White Ivory Photography_006 201409_White Ivory Photography_007
201409_White Ivory Photography_008201409_White Ivory Photography_009 201409_White Ivory Photography_012 201409_White Ivory Photography_013
Here are a few words from White Ivory Photography regarding the inspiration for this shoot:”This styled shoot was designed to inspire with beautiful wineries to set the tone, vintage details and a young couple in love. This shoot focuses on romance, the wonderful indulgences of champagne and pastries, and a gorgeous sweetheart table which offers unique florals and typical French vintage detailing.

Showcasing the beauty of the Willamette Valley and Oregon wine country, this shoot was photographed at two wineries. The first set really wows with Maysara winery as our backdrop of choice, with chiseled cobble stone walls and castle like influences. The sweetheart and dessert tables are set against the contrasted and classic feel of the winery.

The second set of imagery, which offers the sheer beauty of the mountain ranges and rustic influences of Coeur de Terre Winery, showcases our bride and groom soaking in the romance. Organic, loving and tender.

Our goal was to inspire couples to pull in the French cultural influences which can be quite unique for a wedding especially if you love travel and anything French! We wanted to showcase unique pieces, a fresh take on wedding styling and beautiful wedding attire that would make any bride swoon!”

201409_White Ivory Photography_016 201409_White Ivory Photography_018
201409_White Ivory Photography_020

Photographer: White Ivory Photography
Wedding Gown: Simply Bridal’s Shelby Gown
Vintage Rentals and Styling: A Vintage Soiree
Florist: Willow and Vine
Hair and Make-Up: Amanda Enos Freelance Make-Up Artist
Invitations: Beacon Lane
Reception Dress: Monique LHuillier
Venues: Maysara Winery and Coeur de Terre Vineyard 

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Great Reasons to Consider having a First Look on your Big Day

We have a guest post from our friends at Petersen Pictures Photography. The First Look or the “Reveal” is something I highly suggest doing. Whatever the bride and groom chooses is definitely always the correct choice, but please proceed to see why I consider the First Look as a great option!
Petersen Pictures Photography

What is the First Look?
Also known as the “Reveal,” the First Look is considered to be the moment the groom sees his bride for the very first time before the ceremony. Usually this happens when the bride is walking down the aisle. In the past, arranged marriages were quite popular, so this would literally be the first time the groom sees his bride. The main reason for the First Look was to prevent the groom from running away. Can you imagine going into a blind marriage?

What’s so great about the First Look?
As a wedding photographer and an ex-groom, the first look was the most memorable and definitely the most emotional moment in the wedding. At that moment, time seems still and anything that was on your mind just crumbles away. The only thing you see is the person standing in front of you, whom you will spend the rest of your life with. It’s a beautiful, magical and extremely intimate moment. As a photographer, I will be sure to preserve the moment on camera, but I prefer letting the bride and groom take in this blissful reality. I’ve noticed following this moment, the bride and groom looks the most natural, relaxed and absolutely in love. That is why I prefer to proceed in capturing portraits after they are ready to move on.

Great Reasons to Consider having a First Look on your Big Day

More time for cocktails and chit chat! The one thing I remember is my wife’s expression on our wedding day while trying to find one of my cousins for a family photo. Can you imagine having to do couple portraits after the ceremony too? All my wife wanted was to hang out with friends and relax with a glass of wine. Why not free yourself from portraits after the ceremony by having a first look?


Think for yourself and your team. Going through the ceremony can be hard work! Everyone wants to have time to enjoy themselves after the ceremony instead of taking portraits. You can make the whole experience more enjoyable by having the first look, portraits and photos before the ceremony. You wouldn’t want to look stressful in photos, and everyone probably looks better right after they are made up!

Prolonging the magical moment. The day can fly by with all the events. You might remember walking down the aisle and the next thing you know, the day has ended! When seeing their beautiful bride in a wedding gown, many grooms start to feel extra emotional. They want to express their feelings, but before they can do so, they are on the way to saying “I do”. By having a first look, the groom has the chance to take in the beauty of it all. He has the time to hug her, kiss her and cry with her as long as he likes, since time for this moment has been set aside just for this. No rush at all!

The first look is an event itself! It creates a beautiful and intimate moment with just the two of you. There are no distractions, and no pressuring stares from the crowd of 200. It is that loving, private moment before tying the knot! Furthermore, the most beautiful and natural photos come during this moment. When you’re happily in love, the world seems to stop around you and the only thing you see is your partner.


The perfect environment is important. For the sake of the first look, I try my best to look for a private location with great lighting and a beautiful background. Even though we will get lovely photos all day, there are other factors that I won’t be able to control. On your big day, you will definitely glow with radiance and be stunningly beautiful. Even so, you will look your absolute best, right after your hair and makeup is done. That is when you should definitely do your “Picture Perfect” first look!

Goodbye distractions! In order to get the most creative photos, you have to be focused and not thinking about who you didn’t greet yet. There are also a lot of uncontrollable variables during the ceremony that can influence the picture perfect moment. While during the first look, I am more likely to guarantee beautiful photos. Also, couples who do the first look usually stay in that emotional mindset when walking down the aisle.

Happy bride and groom.  I love seeing how happy my clients are after taking my suggestions to do the first look. For those that didn’t plan on having one, they usually gushed about how great of a decision it was afterwards. There is no other moment that is as private or as intimate on your wedding day. It’s all about you! With that said, it really is all about you, so decide whatever you think is best. There is no wrong or right choice.

Other Thoughts & Considerations Do exchange any letters or gifts during the ceremony. It will put you in that perfect mood! Be sure to put time aside before the ceremony. You want to have time to relax, have a snack and hang with your wedding team. Also, it’s a great way to avoid bumping into arriving guests.

To see more of Petersen Pictures Photography, check out their work here:

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Stylized Shoot By Joleen Willis Photography

Joleen Willis specializes in wedding day photography for couples that love a dreamy, whimsical aesthetic.

201411_Joleen Willis Photography_013 201411_Joleen Willis Photography_015 201411_Joleen Willis Photography_023 201411_Joleen Willis Photography_026 201411_Joleen Willis Photography_033
201411_Joleen Willis Photography_017201411_Joleen Willis Photography_036
“The inspiration for this shoot was to bring weddings back to nature, and to use florals and fruits that reminded us of a trip to the farmers market.”

201411_Joleen Willis Photography_028
201411_Joleen Willis Photography_055
201411_Joleen Willis Photography_057

Photography: Joleen Willis Photography
Gown: SimplyBridal’s Irene Gown
Veil: SimplyBridal’s One Tier Raw Edge Veil
Hair and Makeup: Flawless HMD
Florals: Sweet Lilacs
Paper goods/invite/menu:  The Crooked Twig
Cake: Sweet Carolines 

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Stylized Shoot By Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Cavin Elizabeth, of Cavin Elizabeth Photography, is a luxury wedding and portrait photographer in San Diego. She absolutely loves working with her clients to create unique and beautiful images. As a photographer who also loves working with other wedding vendors, Cavin is always excited to be a part of styled wedding inspiration shoots!

201411_Cavin Elizabeth Photography_082 201411_Cavin Elizabeth Photography_126 201411_Cavin Elizabeth Photography_190 201411_Cavin Elizabeth Photography_195 201411_Cavin Elizabeth Photography_211
201411_Cavin Elizabeth Photography_203
201411_Cavin Elizabeth Photography_218 201411_Cavin Elizabeth Photography_220 201411_Cavin Elizabeth Photography_230
201411_Cavin Elizabeth Photography_122

Photography: Cavin Elizabeth Photography 
Gown: SimplyBridal’s Crystal Gown
Veil: SimplyBridal’s Two Tier 45″ Pencil Edge Flower and Pearl Veil
Bridesmaid Dress: SimplyBridal’s Floor-length Fitted Chiffon Dress
Cocktails: Native Spirits Gary 
Flowers: Floral Designs by Jeannie
Hair: Hair Design By Sierra Adams Sierra
Jewelry: Alicia Coral Jewlery
Coordinator: Shelby from Simply Classic Events
Make up: Make Up by Kandice
Models: Taylor, Sam, Katie (and Kandice!)


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De-Stress Before Your Wedding

We hate to break it to you ladies, but just because your wedding is paid for, your dress is in and you have no bridesmaid’s issues doesn’t mean that your stress levels will immediately plummet. Oh no, for some reason, your wedding stress will peak in the days leading up to the ceremony. However, you shouldn’t go down without a fight. So, here is what you should do to beat wedding eve stress.

Spa Day
Yes, nearly every woman has fantasized about a spa day and with good reason. Spending a day, or even an hour, at a spa can work wonders. However, you will always have something to do the day before your wedding day. Thus, we recommend electing to spend a day at the spa a few days before your ceremony. A good massage is enough to knock someone out for a solid day, therefore if you want to be your best on your wedding day, visit the spa a few days before your walk down the aisle.

(Credit: Elemis)

Go For A Walk
There is nothing like getting out and getting some fresh air to clear your mind and help you think. The best thing about it is – it’s free! If you live in a place with gorgeous scenery, get out there and walk. Hitting the pavement will help you get away from stress and just appreciate where you are at this moment in your life. So, breathe deeply and take it all in.


Self-Imposed Exile
Now, exiling yourself may seem like a punishment, but it is the opposite. It is a reward and it is fabulous! Tell your friends and family that you are taking me time and they are not to contact you unless it is an absolute emergency. Then, have some food delivered, prepare some herbal tea and get ready to burn through half of your Netflix queue in one night. You deserved it for making it this far, now it’s time to treat yourself!

Beating stress does not require thousands of dollars. It simply requires a bit of quiet time to help you get your mind and body back on track. Never be afraid to tell someone you need a break or to take a few minutes to be alone. Your mental health will thank you and so will your fiancé.

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Stylized Shoot By McDonald Photography

McDonald Photography is a Holly, Michigan-based metro Detroit-based photographer that photographs weddings, families, newborns and high school seniors. 

Some words from McDonald Photography:

“Those who have had sessions with me know I’m easy-going and fun-loving. I get very excited about taking photos! Through all of my experiences I have found it’s best to find joy in the simple things and capture those things to the fullest. Every moment is special. That’s where I come in to ‘picture the real you.’ This isn’t just my job. It’s become so much more. Every day brings something new and fresh. Each day is exciting and challenging. But more than anything, it’s rewarding

201403_McDonald Photography_001 201403_McDonald Photography_002 201403_McDonald Photography_004 201403_McDonald Photography_006 201403_McDonald Photography_007 201403_McDonald Photography_008 201403_McDonald Photography_011

Here are a few words from McDonald Photography, regarding the inspiration for this shoot:

“The inspiration for this particular session with Brittany was to do something out of the ordinary and showcase the beauty of what was unique. It started with the dress, a gorgeous silver ball gown and our gorgeous model Brittany Dyan. The locations we used brought my vision to life, with plenty of winter snow to provide a wonderful backdrop.  Fenton Flowers created a masterpiece with red roses and succulents while Faery Floral provided a variety of hair pieces and an ankle-length red velvet robe to make it complete.”


201403_McDonald Photography_012
201403_McDonald Photography_005
201403_McDonald Photography_003

Photography: McDonald Photography 
Gown: SimplyBridal’s Sally Gown 
Floral Bouquet: Fenton Flowers 
Hair pieces: Faery Floral Connections
Model: Brittany Dyan

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All Aboard for a Travel-Themed Wedding

Traveling is a wonderful concept. There is no better way than to get away from it all than by hopping on a plane, boat or car and being transported to a different way of life. Love transports many of us in the same manner, which is why travel-themed are becoming more and more popular. Therefore we have compiled a list of some of the best ways to incorporate your wanderlust into a wedding ceremony.


Passport Invitations
What better way to let everyone know they are in for a global party than by sending out passport invitations? Stick one of your favorite engagement photos on the passport and fill in the vital details and you’re good to go. Quick tip: for the passport’s expiration date, stamp the wedding date and leave the symbol for infinity as the year.

Luggage Cake
Couples that love to travel have schlepped their fair share of luggage around the world. It doesn’t matter if they manage to live out of a carry-on or have to take five large bags for a weeklong vacation. The most popular type of luggage cake resembles old-style steamer trunks and they are always a big hit with guests. If you’re a luxury brand-lover, why not have a cake made in the shape of vintage Louis Vuitton luggage?!

(Credit: Blackpool )

Table Décor
What is a bigger proof that a couple loves to globetrot than by giving guests the ability to do it at their wedding? At one wedding we attended, the couple created an entirely different experience for guests seated at different tables. Each table was representative of a country that the bride and groom visited. Guests were able to travel to India, Italy, Canada, France, the UK and the US all by visiting guests at other tables. Their friends and family loved the idea and they even passed out passports, which they could have someone that was assigned to another country stamp upon visiting. Now that’s creative!

Foods From Around The World
We are going to have you take your guests from sitting around the world to eating around the world. No good traveler worth their salt has one type of favorite food. They love karides guvec in Turkey, drink capirinhas in Brazil and indulge in way too much pho in Vietnam, so why should their wedding menu be relegated to fish, chicken or steak? Instead, many couples have been setting up global food stations featuring some of the most amazing food this side of the hemisphere.

Doesn’t this just make you want to take your next trip? Well rest assured, a fabulous vacation is always right around the corner. Couples that love to travel the glob have an affinity for life and living that we are lucky enough to be able to witness.

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Stylized Shoot By Jerry Yoon Photographers

Jerry Yoon Photographers is an international photography studio based in the Bay Area.

“We love photographing your day as it naturally unfolds without too much interference from us.  We focus on the real moments and real personalities of your friends and family, not some fairytale wedding day.   But we’re not just watching things that happen, we’re watching everyone around you to capture them in a way that will make you remember who they were many years from now. We try to draw out the quirks and things that make your relationship special, especially during portrait time. We also love the abstract, surreal and geometric, and we try to compose things that artfully express you.”

201412_Jerry Yoon Photographers_204
201412_Jerry Yoon Photographers_196  201412_Jerry Yoon Photographers_216

Here are a few words from Jerry Yoon Photographers regarding this shoot’s inspiration: “Our favorite venues and portrait locations have interesting lighting and nook & crannies where we can get creative by shaping the light.  San Francisco City Hall is a perfect combination of those things. With the towering dome and classic details lit by ever changing beams of light, it was the perfect place to highlight the couple and the bride’s dramatic wedding dress. The streets of San Francisco is also a dynamic backdrop for any type of portrait.  The busy streets, bright bill boards and urban context create textures that we love. However, it isn’t always easy to get the perfect shot in such a constantly moving backdrop. There needs to be a lot of foresight, luck, and plenty of waiting and watching for that perfect moment!  “

201412_Jerry Yoon Photographers_251201412_Jerry Yoon Photographers_207  201412_Jerry Yoon Photographers_245 201412_Jerry Yoon Photographers_268

Fannie and Vincent traveled all the way from Hong Kong to do their portrait session in San Francisco.  So we wanted to capture the specialness of their relationship that highlights the city they love so much.”

201412_Jerry Yoon Photographers_289 201412_Jerry Yoon Photographers_349

Photographer:  Jerry Yoon Photographers
Gown: SimplyBridal’s Monique Gown
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Incorporating Pets into Your Wedding

Admit it, you love your pets more than you love some of your family members. So, you believe it is only fair you should have the furry love of your life participate in your wedding. But even though you know your fur baby won’t be present during the entire ceremony and reception, you still want him to be a big part of your day. Here are a few ways to make that happen…

Wedding Photos
Wedding photos are our favorite way to incorporate pets into a wedding. This way you can get multiple shots of your fur baby without having to assign a designate a friend to watch him or her. Photos are the easiest way to have your pet appear in your wedding while minimizing responsibility to guard him throughout the wedding.

(Credit: Happily Wedding)

Ring Bearer
We never get tired of seeing the family pet walk down the aisle dressed in a tuxedo as the ring bearer. This act tends to be a crowd-pleaser and makes for some great photos as well. Since a cat or dog ring bearer has a bit of responsibility, we recommend only older pets that are able to follow instruction participate in this wedding activity. The last thing any bride and groom need is for Fido to decide the wedding is the perfect time to chase birds with the wedding rings tied around his neck.


Walk the Bride Down the Aisle
Calling all horsewomen! Now we love dogs and cats walking brides down the aisle, but what better way to make an entrance at your wedding than on the back of your favorite steed? Horses have been appearing in a lot of bridal photos as of late and we think they’re terrific. A word of warning though, it is best to do a test run with a billowing dress before the big day. Some horses can become easily spooked by billowing fabric and you don’t need your horse to suddenly morph into Secretariat for your big entrance.

(Credit: Taisia Gordon)

Pets have become loyal members of the family, so it’s only normal to play a role in your wedding as well. Just make sure they can perform the actual task you are asking them to do ahead of the big day. And make sure you send us through some of your pet-friendly photos. We can never get enough of seeing wedding photos with everyone’s favorite furry critters!

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Stylized Shoot By Christine Choi Photography

The inspiration behind the shoot was drawn from the romantic love story of Romeo and Juliet and the romance behind all of the love stories we have ever heard. Christine loves using elements that evoke emotions or arouse an urge to touch so she made sure to incorporate velvety elements, lush feathers and beaded baubles throughout the shoot.

031040 045 055 056

Here are a few words from Christine: “Our shoot took place in a grove of olive trees at The Highland Springs Resort.  The olive groves provided amazing pockets of sunlight that created a whimsical romance and being surrounded by the lush olive trees felt like the makings straight out of a storybook.  I was able to capture the romance of the shoot by having the model lie in a faux fur throw and pile of pillows as she pondered where her Romeo might be.  The florals could not have been more perfect– as Tweeny at The Floral Lab did an amazing job at executing the vision I had for rich, saturated colors of midnight blues and plums.”

061 063 064 067

Gown: SimplyBridal’s Celeste Gown
Hair & Makeup: Vanessa Lee Marquet
Hair Adornment: Handmade by Sara Kim
Graphic Designer – Little Cat Design Co.
Cake Stands and Dessert Platters – The Rabbit Hole 
Model – Achara Kirk 
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