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Smiling BrideIn today’s economy the idea of splurging on a wedding for most of us mean spending money we just don’t have or can’t afford to use. So, it’s no surprise that when we asked our ladies where they would be saving on their special day the answers were, hands down, on everything. So how can you pull of a wedding for less and still feel like the princess you always dreamed of being as you walk down the aisle? Here are some tips.

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While gifts are wonderful to receive, they can be unpractical. You may already live together, or already everything you need to make a home. So why get extravagant espresso makers and designer tableware. Instead follow Ashley’s lead and request that guests and family make contributions to your actual wedding.


Hey Mr. DJ
Have a friend who makes great mixes for road trips or parties? Ask them to lend their fingers and good taste on your special day just like Julia did.  Your friends are teeming with talent and would surely be honored to be asked to be a part of your wedding. It not only shows them that you value their friendship but also believe in their skills.

Chef Mom-ardee
Food easily wipes out a budget and food happens to be one of the most memorable things at a wedding. Have a potluck wedding! Gifts are replaced with dishes made with love by guests. This way you save on food and only need to pay for your wedding cake. If your best friend makes the best  lasagna you’ve ever had in your life, ask her to make it on your big day.

If you’re worried everybody will bring the same thing choose a food theme. Think of all the possibilities of a BBQ theme, kebabs, burgers, fish, corn on the cob, potatoes. If your venue doesn’t have enough grills to go around, ask your family to bring theirs.

Say Cheese
If the price tag of a photographer makes you gasp, say no thanks. Buy disposable cameras for all of your guests to practice their photography skills, after the wedding they can drop them off in a box, be sure to have them leave their name on the camera so you know who to give props to once their developed. You can post all of them on a wedding blog and people can vote on the best photos. Your guests will try extra hard to be the next Yousuf Karsh.

With luck these tips will help you save more on your wedding and give you that feeling of the luckiest person in the world to not only have found the person of your dreams but to have the best friends and family that anybody could ever ask for.

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