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Saving Money on Your Wedding Day

Weddings are expensive and if you find yourself listening to friends and family, you may end up spending more money than you expected. In fact, you can save money on your wedding and still have a good time. Here’s how.

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Cut the Guest List
You may hate to do it, but trimming the guest list is a must for saving money. Say you have $5,000 budgeted for the wedding menu. You can either use that money to have the most fabulous meal for 20 guests or you can use the money to try and feed 150 guests. It doesn’t take long for the headcount to rack up some serious bank, but if you control the guest list, you control your wallet.

Change the Date
Avoid Saturday weddings at all costs unless someone owes you a huge favor that they will repay in the form of a stunning venue. Saturday (and some Friday) weddings increase the venue’s cost, but even more so it creates a domino effect. Saturday weddings cause vendors and venues alike to set their prices sky high. However, weekday or Sunday night weddings will typically cost you anywhere from 25%-50% fewer off of the vendor and venue’s fees.

One of the easiest ways to save money is to simply combine the wedding location and the reception into one place. That way, you are paying a single rate for your location. Don’t worry, many places are very experienced in transforming a location from the ceremony to reception in no time at all.

Stay on Time
We know weddings typically run over, but diverting from the schedule can hit you in the pocket. Musicians and other vendors typically charge over time so even though you think that it’s ok to show up an hour late to the reception, your bank account will beg to differ. Stay on schedule and keep your bank account in the black.

Have Brunch
It’s no surprise that many brides think you can only have a sit-down affair or nothing at all since wedding shows are dedicated to showing big, extravagant weddings. We beg to differ. Have an early ceremony and invite your guests for brunch. Who can say no to tea cakes, mimosas, mini crepes and more? Brunch is making a huge comeback therefore in addition to saving money, you will be right on trend for 2013.

There you have it! You can have the wedding of your dreams without going into the hole. They key is to prioritize and make a few cuts here and there. You can have a fabulous wedding without sacrificing quality. We’ll definitely raise our mimosas to that idea!


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