Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Bride with PearlsWeddings have always been met with hope, love, excitement and anticipation but in the past people had more superstitions about marriage and wanted a little more than love to help them have a happy marriage so they began carrying good luck charms. The popular rhyme “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…” actually dates back to the Victorian era. While there are many different definitions and it’s hard to confirm which is the most accurate we’ll look at some of our favorites.

Something Old
This item represents a link with the past and the bride’s family and also a sign of continuity. The good luck charm or item that you choose should be something given to you by a family member, maybe your grandmother’s pearl necklace or a piece of lace or a handkerchief. Mercedes something old will be a handkerchief. Both Jyssica and Jessica will be wearing a piece given to them by their grandmothers.

Something New
This item represents hope and optimism for the future of your new life between you and your husband. This item is usually something that you purchased for your wedding. It could be the ring, the flowers, the dress or anything given to you from a friend or the groom’s family. Jyssica’s something new is her wedding gown.

Something Borrowed
This item represents the promise that your friends and family will always be there for you in the future if you need help or a shoulder. This traditionally comes from a happily married woman which is like lending her own marital happiness to the new bride but remember that it needs to be returned to be considered borrowed. Often this can be a piece of jewelry, a hair accessory or even something like nail polish. Mercedes is wearing borrowed pearls on her wedding day.

Something Blue
This item represents purity, loyalty and faithfulness. Traditionally couples would wear blue bands on the border of their wedding attire and as the years have progressed the tradition has included things such as a blue garter, a blue flower in the headpiece, jewelry and even shoes. Mercedes’ something blue will be a stripe on her wedding dress and Jyssica’s will be her shoes.

Today’s weddings aren’t so strict with traditions. Some people follow them and some people loosely follow them. The idea is to keep with tradition but still make your wedding more personal and if that means modifying it, than so be it. We no longer look to these items as a good luck charm for a successful marriage but as a fun tradition to carry on.

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