Something New Infographic

Something New Infographic We’ve all heard the old British saying. On your wedding you should have “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”. Last week we introduced ways that you could incorporate “something old” into your wedding. This week we are following up with this theme to introduce “something new”. When people hear the words “something new”, daunting images of extra bills often come to mind. But it actually doesn’t always have to mean buying something. Try something new by using the latest technology to modernize your wedding! From the moment he bends his knee, to the day you finally send your last thank you, taking advantage of the latest technology can help save time, sleep, energy, and peace of mind. Another thing to keep in mind are online registries. Some places will even deliver gifts directly to your house so there is no need to tackle presents back to your new home! Recently, showing slideshows of photos of the bride and groom growing up and meeting each other have become extremely popular for receptions. Finally, try out a digital photo album to display photos of your wedding! It can be as simple as e-mailing your photos directly to the digital album, and then your memories will never end up collecting dust on a bookshelf!

Posted by Amy K.