Something Old Infographic

Something Old InfographicThe saying “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is an Old English rhyme. These are traditionally thought of as good luck charms for the bride to carry on her wedding day. “Something old” represents continuity and signals the link between a bride, her family, and her past.

Often, mothers, sisters, relatives, or attendants will gift these tokens to the bride. However, these days many brides plan ahead and find them for themselves. Your something old can vary from an accessory, to something you secretly wear, to a decoration at the ceremony or reception. These good-luck items can be as subtle as the perfume your wear, to as noticeable as riding from venue to venue in a shiny red antique hotrod.

Be proud of your picks because it’s likely that others will ask, “What’s your something old?” throughout the day. A few celebrities have made their choices famous. Kate Middleton considered the 1820s technique used to make her dress as her something old. When Jessica Biel married Justin Timberlake, her veil was adorned with pearls from her grandmother’s wedding-day tiara. Country singer Miranda Lambert added extra tradition to her ceremony by wearing her mother’s wedding gown.

Yes, the origins of the tradition dabble in superstition. But it can be a fun way to get others involved in your ensemble. Using a family heirloom can be a great way to make elder family members feel honored and included. The most important thing is that your something old carries meaning for you as you begin a new chapter in your life.

Posted by Paige H.