Soulmates: An In-depth Look

A barefoot kiss
The term soul mate is nothing new. Plato presented a story of soul mates dated 385 – 380 BC in which love was examined in a sequence of speeches and Aristophane spoke of how humans were split in two and would forever yearn for his or her other half, their soul mate. It is said that when you find your other half, there is an unspoken understanding of one another, that you feel unified and would know no greater joy than that.

We asked our ladies if they believed in soul mates and a resounding 99% said yes and only 1% didn’t. Of every person who contributed their opinions only one person did not believe that a soul mate exists but the definition of a soul mate can vary significantly.

Nowadays, some of us think of a soul mate as a person who is perfectly suited to you. A soul mate is a person who strongly resembles your attitudes, beliefs and opinions. A soul mate is someone you feel an immediate connection too that draws you to him or her. Brittany describes a soul mate as “a person that no matter how long you have been together you still love being with them all the time.” Kymberly defines a soul mate as someone you can talk “without words to by just looking at each other. A couple whose hearts are in sync and flutter when together.”

Still others hold yet a different connection to be true for them. Krista told us that her husband’s grandfather and her father have the same birthday, they both had a son born on September 13th whom they both named Jon Allen, it was destiny that they meet and be together.

Whatever you hold true on the definition of what a soul mate is; whether it’s a conscious element or an unconscious element that we feel, what we can say is that a soul mate is a positive word in everybody’s eyes and most people at some time in their life are affected by it. Whether you believe in only one soul mate or more than one soul mate the idea will be and surely remains without question that it’s a term to describe an ideal partner who helps you to overcome challenges in life and love. A soul mate is someone you grow with and with that person you can truly soar with a feeling of heightened clear access to energy and passion.

Posted by Heather L.