Stylized Shoot by Adam Lowe Photography

Specializing in editorial, wedding and commercial photography, Adam Lowe Photography brings us a very unique, yet classic shoot.

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Here are a few words from Adam regarding the inspiration for this shoot: “My inspiration for this shoot came from a few different places. I have always liked the gritty nature of high ISO film photography. I am a hybrid shooter (I shoot digital and film) but for this shoot I decided to shoot digital, since I had so many post ideas in my head and really film doesn’t lend itself to much post work of this nature. I was also going for a kind of classic feel with these images by using the bluish grey backdrop and classic style posing. I am not going to lie, I really like work from Emily Soto and Lara Jade and used some of their work as inspiration, as well as Renaissance era paintings, Valentino ads (fashion designer) and the boho wedding style.”

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Photographer: Photographer Adam Lowe
Gown: SimplyBridal’s Irene Gown
Models: Desiree Dahl (blonde), Garber Twins Chloe and Meghan
Venue: Strongwater/400 Rich
Photographer assistant: Claire Lowe
Styling and design: All Together Now
Styling assistant: Malori Gabrenya
Floral design: EcoFlora
Hair/Makeup:Virtue Salon, Melanie (hair) & Cayla (make-up)
Paper Goods: Spark Vites (Irene & Blake)
Jewelry: Pluma (Treffry)