Stylized Shoot by PhotoKisses

Kristina Stockton of PhotoKisses, brings a unique Brave-inspired wedding that encourages brides to think outside the box. If you are planning a Disney princess inspired wedding, without the royal stuffy pompousness, then this may be for you!

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Here are a few words from Kristina regarding the inspiration behind this shoot:

“I took the idea of Merida, the wild and untamed Scottish princess, and imagined her on her wedding day. She would be the type of girl who would choose a small and intimate garden wedding instead of a ballroom (or castle), eyes only for her handsome groom she picked out herself. She wouldn’t bother much with details, so a simple and elegant decor with a touch of unruliness, arrow and bear elements, and a few Scottish accents is all it takes to make this princess’ wedding dream come true.”

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“Oh, and of course, big wild red hair – but that’s more of a bonus than a requirement”

Photographer: Kristina Stockton, PhotoKisses in Orlando, FL
Wedding gown: Simply Bridal’s Shelby Gown
Models: Sarah Smotherman and Cameron Comito
Hair and make up: Chris Testerman 
Cake: Sharon Haller, Cut The Cake, inc.
Floral Artist: Andie Muller, The Flower Studio 
Venue: The Garden Chateau in Winter Garden, FL
Tablecloth: Over The Top