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    Ways To Honor Your Special Guests

    6031672 By Sara Doerrier Traditionally, the bride and groom will honor their friends by inviting them to stand by their side as a bridesmaid or groomsmen. If you and your partner find yourselves wanting to honor your friends and family, but for whatever reason, are not incorporating them into your wedding party, don’t fret. There are many ways to include those who mean the most to you on your special day. This will not only let those people know how much they mean to you, but also avoid hurt feelings. Discover more one of a kind wedding favors at MyWeddingFavors Toasts and Speeches One of the most traditional ways you can…

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    The Proper Way to Not Invite Someone to Your Wedding

    Every wedding has a budget, and as such, it isn’t always possible to include every family member, friend, and acquaintance on the guest list. Aside from budget concerns, there may be people that simply aren’t welcome at the event due to interpersonal problems. Whatever the reason, it may be necessary to not invite certain people to a wedding, but how does one do this without causing hurt feelings? Be Direct Lying will often backfire, so don’t tell people that they will be invited if they will not be receiving an invitation. Instead, explain the situation in a way that makes sense. Most people will understand if budget or venue size…

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    Table Etiquette Infographic

    Everyone knows to keep their elbows off the table, but did you know the proper way to drink soup? Or the way to signal to the waiter that you’re done with your meal? Check this infographic out for an easy and informative guide to table manners!

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    Do’s and Don’ts of Thank You Notes

    For some people, the minute they are engaged they start receiving gifts. Yet for every gift a bride and groom receives they need to write a thank you note. Unfortunately, thank you notes are becoming fewer and fewer in our tech savvy society and as a result many of us have no idea what constitutes a good thank you note. Nevertheless, there’s no need to worry, because we’ve made a list of the do’s and don’ts of creating a good thank you note. Do’s Recognize the recipients by name. A “Dear Sonja and Tim” is the perfect start to your thank you note. If you are close friends with the…

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    [ Facebook ] Male of Honor

    I’m going to have to be completely honest about something here. I don’t have many girlfriends at all. Besides the girls in the SimplyBridal office, most if not all of my companions are guys. In fact, in any group of friends, I’m the token female. I’m the one they feel comfortable sharing fart jokes with, shooting Nerf guns at, or watching the NBA with in their underwear while eating 3-day old Cheetos. Yup. I’m one of them. Not a ‘tom-boy’ or ‘boyish’. After all, I still wear heels and look great in dresses. No, my guy friends call me their ‘bra’. You know…like a ‘bro’, but a bra…because…I wear one,…

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    Bridal Salon Etiquette Part 2

    Getting Ready For The First Fitting Unless you’re getting a wedding dress custom made for you, most brides require a minimum of two fittings. If the dress does not fit perfectly, don’t be afraid to speak up. It is recommended that you have your alterations done through a bridal dress shop’s in-house seamstress. Bridal dress shops generally charge more than traditional alteration, but a good alteration job is less expensive than a ruined dress. The bridal dress shop will also assume responsibility for any mistakes, and work with you. 1. Call In As the dress arrival date approaches, contact the bridal salon to make sure the dress is on schedule.…

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    Bridal Salon Etiquette

    Did you know that bridal salons have specific etiquette? I didn’t know either until I accompanied my friend to one of her first visits. Since it was a weekday, we were allowed to just walk in. Apparently, this only happens once in a blue moon and we were lucky not to be turned away. After my friend spent ten minutes deciding what gown she wanted to try on, the consultant refused to let us use our camera, which I thought was rude. How else are we supposed to compare gowns? Well, it turns out that some people take pictures of gowns so they can be copied at lower price by…

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    Turning Up to Weddings Alone

    Flying Solo Ain’t So Bad By Jacqueline H. December 14, 2011 “For Miranda, the only thing worse than being Charlotte’s 34-year old bridesmaid, was being a 34-year old bridesmaid without a date.” – Sex and the City, Season 3, Ep 12. In a world where women like to sing from the rooftops about their independence from men, it is still an irrational fear for many of us to turn up to a wedding without a date. Sitting alone in a restaurant? Sure. Shopping or watching a movie by your lonesome? No problemo. But apparently, the thought of turning up to a wedding dateless is unthinkable. Before the recession, I’d find…

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    Mother (in law) and Daughter Conflicts Over Wedding Venues

    How do you prevent a fight? By Natalie Tsang November 7, 2011 Your mother or mother in law is pushing you to pick a venue that just doesn’t feel right. What do you do? How do you let her down gently? Or do you just go along with it? Situation #1 Your family or future in laws has a discount at a venue. They are also paying for the reception and are pressuring you to choose this venue. What do you do? It’s good to assume that this is coming out of pure and good intentions, and you should frame your response in those terms. Perhaps they are just trying…

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    Wedding Guest Do’s and Don’ts

    Be the perfect guest By Sara Doerrier October 17, 2011 Wedding guests are an important part of any couple’s big day. So it is important to practice good wedding guest etiquette. Whether you are a guest of a wedding or hosting guests – it is vital to know what is expected of you. Compiled is a list of the most important Do’s and Don’ts for the wedding guest. DO’s RSVP make sure you pay attention to the deadline specified on your invitation. Don’t hold it off. If you know your answer – send your answer when you get the invite. This also goes for canceling. If you have already RSVP’d…