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    Top 10 Super Foods For Your Pre-Wedding Diet

    Incorporating these 10 ‘superfoods’ into your pre wedding day regime will ensure that you look and feel more than just super on your big day. 1. Peppermint tea is great for calming your stomach and renowned for its bloat-battling property’s. Its also a great drink to help you to simply relax which may come in handy, to relieve any wedding morning jitters! 2. The wonderful sweet potato is brilliant for boosting your complexion in time for your wedding day. One portion is filled with beta carotene, an antioxidant and vitamin A source which protects the skin from sun damage. 3. Want shiny hair and flawless skin? If so salmon is…

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    Ask Our Ladies: Dietary Restrictions

    As you start your quest for the perfect cake and perfect dinner on your wedding day, sampling piece after piece of delicious sweetness and savory goodness until you find the perfect combination of mouth watering dishes that leave you begging for more, you might not be thinking about what it’s made with. So when your big day finally comes you might be surprised to hear guests declining food or picking at their meals. Do you and your husband have bad taste in food? No, you probably have guests with dietary or lifestyle restrictions. We asked our fans how they were handling food restrictions on their big day and were delighted…

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    Foods to Avoid on the Morning of Your Wedding

    It’s finally your big day… THE WEDDING! You’ve gone through so much to prepare for this day and I’m sure you wouldn’t want it to be anything less than perfect! Before you start to have your daily breakfast, be cautious of what you’re eating! Certain foods can turn your fairytale wedding into a nightmare! What Not to Eat Carbonated drinks are a no no! You may think this will give you a little boost of energy before the ceremony but they can cause gas and bloating too! Greasy/Oily foods can cause indigestion, which will lead to bloating or even worse heartburn. So drop the bacon and sausage patties and pick…

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    Eating Healthy

    In the weeks between your last fitting and your wedding, you want to maintain your weight. While it’s a common fear to overindulge in those last few precious days and squeezing into your wedding dress, it’s also equally common of overshooting your goal so that the gown is actually a bit loose. It’s important to eat healthy, filling meals, period, but especially, if you want to look like a gorgeous, glowing bride! Here are a few ways to look and feel your best from now to your wedding. Also note that whenever you make radical lifestyle changes, you should consult a healthcare professional like a doctor or a nutritionalist. 1.…

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    Health and Beauty Recap

    Hey Guys! This week we’re taking a break from our regularly schedule series to round out the results of our Healthy and Beauty series. I hope it was useful for you ladies in thinking about slowing down and taking care of yourselves! On Tuesday, we asked for recommendations to de-stress, and we got a lot of responses. A good ol’ soak in the bath was the most popular choice for our brides, but listening to music, exercising, and indulging in the fruity tones of a red wine were all popular choices! Did you know that a glass of red wine a day is good for your heart! Resveratrol is found…

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    Engagement Party Drink Ideas

    When shopping for the dinner party, the hardest part for me is always the wine. It’s not the wine-food pairings that get me down, it’s the decision between saving and splurging. How much do I like my guests? Will they appreciate it? What will they think of me if I serve a dud? With the engagement part, it’s even worse because you’ll be with your future-in-laws and you want them to like you. I love a good glass of wine, but it can often be pricy. A bottle usually contains five to six glasses depending on how much you pour, and the average adult can go through two over the…

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    Engagement Party Food Ideas

    I love dinner parties and have often thought about making more friends for the sole reason of throwing more dinner parties, usually at a friend’s who has a bigger and better apartment than mine. I’ve also catered a brunch or two in my time and here are my two cents on throwing an awesome party in the food department. Whether you want to throw a sit down dinner or appetizers and drinks, the first thing to do is the divide the budget by the guest list to decide what your operating costs are. If your budget is relatively small, consider hosting the event between or after a meal, or holding…

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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving By Natalie Tsang November 24, 2011 Since it is Thanksgiving weekend, I wanted to continue a bit of a family tradition and ask what are you thankful for? What are you grateful for? A wedding after all is the creation of a new family. What are some things that you’ve learned from family and friends, what things do you want to imitate? Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Wedding Foods

    6520102 Great foods for your wedding By Natalie Tsang November 14, 2011 As a veteran of half a dozen weddings, I know that the wedding dinner is a much anticipated event. It usually takes place after an hour of waiting for and taking pictures. Reward your guests with delicious foods! One of the most difficult things for caterers is serving a large group of people at the same time while keeping the food at a reasonable temperature and consistency. Here are some foods that stand up to the test! Embrace Room Temperature Foods Choose soups like gazpacho that taste good cold or at room temperature. Or better yet, skip the…

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    Accommodating Food Allergies At Your Wedding

    6205252 What to do? By Natalie Tsang October 4, 2011 Weddings are stressful enough without worrying about someone in need of an EpiPen, but for many, food allergies are a part of one’s daily life. The question is often not if you accommodate allergies of the guests, but how far do you go? If it’s your maid of honor or your brother, you may want to help as much as possible. The idea of a no wheat, no dairy, no meat, no shellfish, no nuts meal may seem super bland to some people, but adventurous and exciting for others. The ingredients most commonly associated with severe reactions are: peanuts, tree…