• Creativity

    The Perfect Silhouette for Your Shape

    Apples, pears, triangles, inverted triangles? If you’ve avoided fashion-ese before, getting engaged may feel like jumping down a rabbit hole into a parallel dimension where women are described as fruit. However, the goal of choosing a particular silhouette has to do with personal style preferences but to create the illusion of well-proportioned body. Follow our flowchart and see what styles suit your body type best. Do take into account that your personal style does make a huge difference on dresses that you’ll ultimately choose.

  • Planning

    Put a Ring On It

    Did you know that five percent of men now receive “man-gagement” rings? We had all heard that women can propose, but it seems that couples are now putting it into effect! We were wondering how these ladies were picking out their rings for their lucky gents (or lady loves), and we were surprised that there wasn’t that much information. So we gleaned several men’s magazines to find the craftiest, sneakiest, and just-plain silly strategies, men have resorted to finding their partners’ ring sizes. Some include just happening to go into jewelry stores and looking at cuff links while sneaking glances at which rings make their honey babies gasp and coo.…

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    Gay Marriage Timeline Infographic

    Due to the success of the gay marriage infographic, we’ve decided to make another one! You wouldn’t believe how many factoids we found that didn’t make into the final version, and many people also suggested facts! The first state to legalize gay marriage – Massachusetts, on May 17, 2004. On October 4, 1972 Antonio Molina and Billie Ert were issued a marriage license by Sandra Kalinowski in Wharton, Texas and they were married the next day by Rev. Richard Vincent at the Harmony Wedding Chapel. Billie was trans and lived as a woman. The Rev. said, “We marry souls, not bodies. As far as I’m concerned, they’re married in the…

  • Creativity

    Wedding Jewelry Styles Breakdown Infographic

    Bought the wedding dress, but not sure what to wear? Here’s a chart that illustrates the trends and styles of brides from the past two years. We all thought that diamonds were a girl’s best friends, but pearls are actually the most popular gemstone. See our collection here.

  • News

    Gay Marriage 2012

    We’re so excited to release a new infographic. Did you know four states have the topic of gay marriage on the ballot on the November 2012 election? This issue has remained a controversial topic in the last several years, but it seems to be gaining acceptance. According to a Gallup poll, the majority of adults support the legalization of gay marriage since 2011, including a whopping 70% under the age of 35. A recent poll conducted by The Wedding Channel and the Knot report that the average age of marriage for an American is 28 (27 for women, 29 for men), which means that most people who are getting married…

  • Creativity

    Our Very First Infographic

    Our writing team and graphic design team have combined forces to bring you our very first infographic! Click for a larger image. We created a spreadsheet that crunched over forty recent celebrity engagements and analyzed the carat, cut, and cost of each and every engagement ring. Some of our favorites that didn’t make the list are Jackie O’s engagement ring (40-carat diamond ring, auctioned for 2.6 million dollars in the year 1996), Elizabeth Taylor’s Krupp Diamond (a 33-carat present from her then-husband Richard Burton), and Kate Middleton’s sapphire engagement ring, which once belonged to the late Princess Diana. Other facts that didn’t make the list include a celebrity guide to…

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    The Princess and the Frog

    From our Facebook fans By Katie L. January 11, 2012 “There is no way in this whole wide world, I would ever, ever, ever, I mean never, kiss a frog. Yuck!” – The Princess and the Frog, Disney, 2009. I’m pretty sure this is how many of us felt many years ago, when we were mere kids and our mothers/sisters/someone-older-and-wiser-than-us told us the story of The Frog Prince. Although having been through many adaptations over the years, The Frog Prince is the tale of a prince who has been turned into a frog through some kind of voodoo spell. The only way to break this spell, is to get a…