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    Stylized Shoot by Maile Roseland Photography

    Maile, of Maile Roseland Photography, brings us an amazing 1920’s inspired shoot. Inspired by her love of beautiful things, her photos are filled with natural elements and definitely dream like aspects. Along with talented vendors, we give you a gorgeous 1920’s bride! Photographer:  Maile Roseland  Gown: Simply Bridal’s Lydia Gown Hair, Makeup and Styling:  Gina Ludwig from Hair Comes the Bride  Accessories: Hair Comes the Bride & Bridal Jewelry Boutique Flowers: My Floral Bliss 

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    Tips To Consider When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

    The wedding day is one of the biggest days in anyone’s life regardless of their traditional and religious beliefs. As the big day keeps approaching, the tension is rising; the check list is reducing but… the photographer is not yet checked. What do you do? Are you just going to drive down street and turn to the first photo studio signpost and award the job because the guy has nice and big cameras? Photography is not just the cameras you see; it is more of the art and professionalism. You don’t want to spend all the time and money trying to come up with the most memorable day of your…

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    Digital Photographs are Inevitable What are the Pros and Cons

    Unless you intentionally seek someone who still uses film, your wedding photographer will use a digital camera. Digital photography is almost inevitable today, but there are pros and cons to it. Pro #1: Your Photographer Can Take More Pictures Since your photographer doesn’t have to worry about “wasting” film, she can take as many pictures as possible during your event. Most of these pictures won’t look that great. But the ability to take picture after picture also means that your photographer can capture special moments that she wouldn’t have gotten with a film camera. Pro #2: Your Pictures Don’t Age Print photographs age over time. Even using the best paper…

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    Five Easy Ways to Liven up Your Engagement Photos

    You have the engagement ring, now you need the pictures. Yet, with more and more inventive engagement photos popping up, how do you make yours stand out in a crowd? Well, we here at Simply Bridal have five ideas you can incorporate into your engagement photos Have a Love Affair with a Location Paris, New York and Rome have caused multitudes of people to fall in love with them throughout history. Granted, I’m not suggesting that you fly to one of those cities for your engagement photos, but I am suggesting that you choose a location with a special meaning to the both of you. This could be the lakefront…

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    Should you Have Your Wedding Pictures Taken Before or After the Ceremony?

    Traditionally couples have their wedding pictures taken after the ceremony. More and more modern couples, however, have decided that it makes more sense to have the pictures taken before guests even start to arrive. When faced with this question, you have to decide which option makes sense for you. Advantages to Pre-Ceremony Pictures Taking pictures before your ceremony will help you keep a tighter schedule by getting one task finished before the event starts. Instead of making your guests wait, you can jump right into the reception party. People who don’t like waiting will love you for skipping the traditional route and getting right to the fun. Pre-ceremony pictures might…

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    Sharing Wedding Photos

    Even though you’ve hired a wedding photographer, your guests are going to take a ton of photos and a lot of them will be brilliant. How are you going to share these gems? While your guests can mail or email their favorites, here are a few tricks for everyone to share in the bounty. Create a Hash Tag If your guests have Instagram, they have post their picture as soon as they take them. By creating a unique hash tag for your wedding, there will be a common place for your photos. Your guests can also tweet about your wedding. Create a Photo Sharing Album You can also request that…

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    Photography Do’s and Don’ts

    I love black and white photography. It’s artistic, moody, and atmospheric, but I’m not sure I would want my wedding to be entirely in black and white photography. There are moments when black and white photography are great. DO choose a photographer who’s style is versatile, but not disjointed. You want someone who has a vision of what your wedding will look like, but you also want some shots that are out of the box. If you can afford it, you might want to consider a second shooter. DON’T go avant garde. Remember that these photos need to stand the test of time. If you’re too focused on artsy photography,…

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    5 Engagement Shoot Ideas

    I love engagement shoots! Here are five fun ideas for themed engagement shoots. 1. Play Dress Up Do you have a flair for the dramatic? Then you and your fiancé might want to enact a romantic fantasy. Perhaps it’s a page taken out of Casablanca or the Princess Bride or The Great Gatsby. 2. Bring Your Best Friend If you have a pet, chances are they feature pretty prominently in your life. Why not bring them along and make them part of your shoot? 3. A Place with History In every relationship there are moments and places that carry some emotional significance – the place where you first kissed, the…

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    Five Things for a Picture Perfect Finish

    If you’ve been following our Facebook, you know that we’re coming out with some new wedding dresses soon. After working at the photo shoot, I learned a few tips from the makeup artists for a perfect glowing bride look. 1. Primer I know it looks like an extra step, but think about it as prepping the canvas. It creates a smooth, even surface for your makeup to stick on. Not only does it create longer lasting makeup, which actually saves you time since you need fewer touch ups. 2. HD Foundation HD Foundation is specifically made to give models and actors a flawless finish against the scrutiny of high definition…

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    Engagement Photo Tips

    Why take engagement photos? Often times, they’re included in your photographer’s wedding package and a great opportunity to learn to work with a photographer. Not only will your photographer be able to learn all your best angles — very important — but you’ll also figure out what works and doesn’t work. Also, you can use your photos as part of your Save the Dates, wedding decor, or even show them during a slideshow during your reception. So that, you’re all signed up for your first model assignment, here are some great prep tips! 1) Make Time for Some TLC Even if you’re not normally a makeup person, you should spend…