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4 Recipes that Will Have Your Guests Coming Back for Seconds and Maybe Even a Fourth Helping

Don’t know what to serve at your wedding that will match the uniqueness of your dress? Or simply want to add that personal touch by preparing your own dishes for the reception? Here are some truly delectable recipes as contributed … Continue reading

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How To Select A Summer Wedding Dress

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[ Infographic ] Something Blue

The old British saying goes, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in your shoe.” For the past three weeks, we have brought you ideas on how to incorporate the old, the new, and the borrowed … Continue reading

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[ From Our Facebook ] Wedding Favorites

Hey, Ladies! Last week, we posted a question about your favorite part of a wedding. It was a welcome surprise that many of our comments came from married fans, and we learned quite a bit from their responses. Mainly, it’s … Continue reading

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[ From Our Readers ] Wedding Role Models

As little girls, this is the moment we dream of: putting on a beautiful white gown and being a princess for the day. From that moment, we open up a world of imagination, where everything is frosted white, and we … Continue reading

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What Should You Include in Your Wedding Scrapbook

Making a wedding scrapbook can help you recall all of the day’s important moments, even after decades of marriage have eroded your memory. To get the most out of your scrapbook, carefully choose items that have special meaning to you. … Continue reading

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Wedding Day Must Haves

As the list gets longer and longer and your ideas keep growing new ideas you find yourself with a lot of new additions to your wedding day. More foods, more flowers, more guests, and like most of us more stress. … Continue reading

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How to Throw a Kid Friendly Wedding

Having kids at your wedding can be fun as well as creating a real family feel with all generations enjoying the day. But it’s worth remembering that even the most well behaved child can become disruptive if they get bored … Continue reading

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Surprise Weddings!

While we often think that weddings are big bold celebrations of love, others like to keep it hush-hush and under the wraps. If you’re in the eloping spirit, this is an infographic for you! Posted Natalie T.

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Are Destination Weddings Too Much?

In recent years, I’ve been invited to maybe a dozen destination weddings. These aren’t friends who live far away asking their guests to meet them in another city. These are friends who live nearby asking their guests (who mostly live … Continue reading

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