The Giselle Gown

Giselle GownIn 2012, we saw a lot of asymmetrical dresses, and our designer whipped out a few ballerina-inspired wedding gowns. We love the Giselle Gown so much that we just had to showcase it! It has a asymmetrical hem, which gives the gown just enough edge to offset the romance of its sweetheart neckline. The silhouette is interesting and modern, especially fro the side and the back, and the short hem will really make your shoe pop!

We recommend a formal or modern hairstyle and simple jewelry, but modern brides have come up with some crazy combinations that work!

Appropriately, we had to name it after a ballet. Skipping over the famous Swan Lake and somewhat unpronounceable La Bayadere (the heroine is named Nikiya) and fairytale classics like Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, we settled on Giselle, a fantastical love story.

Posted by Natalie T.

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