The Tea Gown

Tea-length Gowns
Now that the ground is finally deciding to warm up, I have tea gowns, also known as the tea-length gowns, on the brain. In soft pastels or bright colors, they seem just the thing for a spring wedding!

Did you know that tea gowns were originally semi-formal gowns for at home entertaining? But they were rarely worn out to tea. The first tea gowns were often Japan-inspired, but they became more frilly and feminine over time.

A tea length gown for a day time outdoor wedding! I think it would be perfect with a Southern-themed wedding with hats and gloves and even parasols.
A tea length gown falls anywhere between the ankle and the knee, and is usually made of lightweight material. It is a great choice show off statement shoes! You can pair a tea length gown with heels, but also fancy flats or a dressy pair of sandals.

We’ve included two of our tea length bridesmaid dresses as well as the Hillary wedding gown.

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