Things Your Guests Care About

(That You Never Realized)

Sara Doerrier
October 27, 2018

It has been said that a wedding is not about the bride and groom, but rather the guests. Why else would we go all out and spend thousands of dollars on a wedding that wouldn’t be seen by anyone? That is why you always want to make your guests feel comfortable and taken care of.

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Here are a few things that guests actually care about (other than your wedding dress, that perhaps have never crossed your mind. You may be surprised that wedding guests even consider these.

The table number

Family members seem to get offended if they are not seated at the number table accordingly. Your 80-year-old grandma may feel slighted if you seat her at table number 4 and she feels she should be sat at number 1 or 2. Your groom’s mother is sat at 3 and her ex-husband sitting at table 2, might make her see red. These are all things you need to keep in mind when you are planning a seating chart. It may seem silly but people are very touchy about what table number they will be sitting at.

How far (or close) they are seated to the bar, dance floor and bathroom

It will be hard to please everyone and if you do, hats off to you. Some friends or family members will be miffed if they don’t have easy access to the bar. Your older guests will not be happy if they are seated too close to the speaker systems and will be equally unhappy if there is a long walk to the bathroom. Some will wish they were closer to the dance floor and others think they are too close.

The time lapse between meals

Guests may take out their hunger frustrations on the staff if they are waiting for their next course 20+ minutes. Understandable, people don’t like waiting a long time between meals, especially if there isn’t music to dance to or other entertainment to keep them occupied. On the flip side, your meals coming out too quickly, before you can finish one, may cause similar irritation.

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