Tiaras for Your Wedding

Fit for the Modern Princess

By Natalie Tsang

Perhaps it’s growing up with Disney princesses that make tiaras seem so desirable and a little weird. On the one hand, they are omnipresent in little girl Halloween costumes, high school dances, beauty pageants, and cartoons. On the other hand, celebrities and royalty wear them and they don’t look like they’re playing dress up.

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Every girl is a princess and therefore, can wear this ultimate princess symbol, the question is, “What kind of princess are you?” Are you a born and bred princess who wears a ball gown wedding dresses like a second skin? Or an ugly duckling who’s blossomed into a swan but still prefers clean and simple ornaments?

A tiara is a type crown that creates an atmosphere of poise and elegance. It should be a part of your overall look, not just an add-on. It should match both your hairstyle and wedding dress and should coordinate with your veil if you choose to wear one. Although there are always exceptions to the rule, you should not have too many different elements going on at the same time. If you have a dramatic tiara, maybe you should skip the chandelier earrings. If you have an elaborate hairdo, a chunky, intricate tiara might clash.

Did you know popes used to wear tiaras? Although the most popular idea of the tiara is the bejeweled crown worn by Western royal women, today fashion designers have taken the idea of the crown and have just run with it. Many other cultures have decorative headpieces. The word “tiara” actually comes from Persian. There are now tiaras influenced by the art of the Near East, Asia, and Africa. Instead of metal and gems, there are also beautifully beaded numbers and bright woven cloth bands with delicate feathers.

Other designers have gone the bare bones approach and simplified the tiara to a crystal crusted band or given it a modern art twist with asymmetry and strong structural lines.

While opposites can often create unexpected and exciting combinations, your tiara should fit the atmosphere of your wedding. There are so many different ones to choose from. It comes back to the question, “What sort of princess are you?”

Nowadays, brides can wear a tiara that looks like it was stolen from Queen Elizabeth’s collection to a hair accessory that looks nothing like a traditional tiara but is so chic and elegant to deserve any other name.

So get out there and start browsing!


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