Top 10 things to DIY

The First Five

By Natalie T.

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Hi Ladies! Fall weather always puts me in a crafty mood. There’s something magical with brightly colored paper, an X-acto knife, and a mug of spiced cider…or a glass of wine. One tip to keep DIY from getting you down is to break it down into manageable chunks and stay relaxed. Remember small mistakes are rustic flourishes, not fatal flaws.
For those who are less craft-inclined, but still want a bit of DIY, choose simple pieces that are really visible and really show you. For example, table settings take a long time to do but most people will be too busy eating to admire it. However, a wedding favor that doubles as a center piece lasts even longer the wedding!
Here is the first part of a 2 part blog post on our favorite DIYs.

10. The Save-the-Date Cards

The Save-the-Cards are probably one of the easiest things to customize, because they’re not as etiquette bound as invitations and you can do most of the work on your computer or Kinkos. Currently, there’s a trend of really graphic-oriented cards. They can be as simple as a picture of you two holding a sign saying “SAVE THE DATE!!!!” or a letter press extravaganza.

9. The Invitations

Invitations can be stressful because it’s intimately tied to the guest list. Who do you invite? Who do you leave off? Who gets to bring a guest? How do you address this hypothetical plus one? To read more about wedding etiquette, check out The Wedding Invitation Explained.

8. The Place Names

Place names or a table seating chart are wonderful things to personalize. One of the things we’re loving is creating your own unique font. Think of it as branding your wedding. Read more about it in this post: Selecting the Perfect Font for Your Wedding.

7. The Program

This is another paper good that you can customize. Many couples put crossword puzzles or other small games for guests to do in case of unexpected delays. An especially cute idea is having multiple choice questions about your wedding. Later at the reception, these programs can be corrected and the winners can be commended by the emcee.
For more articles about printing and paper goods, check out An Introduction to Wedding Printing and How to Use Photographs for Invites, Décor, and More

6. The Favor

Some brides admit that favors are more of an afterthought than something central to the wedding process, but I love favors! There are so many adorable (and practical choices). They can be super involved like handpies or as simple as a spice mix. If you measure and bag stuff than you can make your own favor.
For some favor ideas check out, Fabulous Favors and Edible Wedding Favors.
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post when we finish counting down our top ten favorite DIY projects!



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