Top 5 Wedding Favors

Black boxesA hug is a great gift – one size fits all, and it’s easy to exchange. Unknown

It happened again last weekend. Another wedding, another night of laughter and gushing over how beautiful the bride was (she really was), and another miniature bottle of champagne to add to the collection of wedding favors we had collected over the years.

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As hubby-to-be and I carefully rearranged our shelf of goodies to add the new bottle, we looked over all the favors and wondered what we could give at our own wedding. On the one hand, we wanted to be ‘different’…on the other hand, we didn’t want to be so different that we were giving really obscure and useless items. On the third hand (yes, I realize I have 3 hands here), it’s not like we’ve ever taken even a sip out of all the Champaign we’ve accumulated.

The sad truth is, may wedding favors end up in the trash can, or sitting around on a shelf for many years to come.

We skimmed over the shelf once more, and found these ones, which were different AND useful:

1. Salt and Pepper shakers: the concept is not ‘new’ per se, but definitely overlooked. However, after finding these on the shelf, we brought them out and we’re now using them. Our original shakers have been moved to the patio, where we sometimes eat on warm evenings.

2. Playing cards: We received this party favor when we went to London last year. Since most of the guests were from overseas, we all got a deck of playing cards (along with eye mask and cute toothbrush/toothpaste kit in a travel sized toiletry bag). I guess the idea was we could entertain ourselves on the way home. We never did use the cards, but we sure will now!

3. A mug with a sachet of coffee/hot chocolate: The mugs don’t have to have your face on them…in fact, that’s just weird and a little self-righteous. Instead, pick fun designs, and stick a picture of you and the husband (along with your standard thank you text) on the sachet of coffee/hot chocolate. The mug will be used over and over again. At least, it will be now, now that we’ve retrieved them from the shelf.

4. Mini wire jewelry stand/bottle opener: This was one of the rare times the men and women received different gifts. The jewelry stand is now covered in my earrings, and we just opened our first bottle with the opener.

5. Our favorite party favor was from a wedding we went to a few years back. At our table, we each got a note explaining that instead of party favors, the couple would instead donate that money to a charity. However, each guest was also given a raffle ticket, with only one prize: a dance with the bride/groom to whatever song the winner chose. Everyone else would receive a hug at the end of the night.

My to-be husband won the raffle draw and he chose to dance with the groom; possibly for entertainment value, possibly because of the man-crush he had. While we didn’t have a physical gift to take home, the memory of the night was absolutely priceless.

And isn’t that what you want to give your guests? Something they’ll never forget.
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