Typical Wedding Disasters

At one time or another something will go wrong with you wedding. Some of us here have even had our own little wedding misfortunes. The good news is if you have a wedding blip, it will more than likely be minor. However, we’ve compiled a list of some of the more common wedding disasters that you should plan for ahead of time.

Getting Drunk
We all love having a flute of champagne to celebrate a wedding, but keep an eye out on guests and members of the wedding party that want to celebrate with a whole bottle. Inebriation has caused countless problems at weddings, from toasts that reveal too much to all-out brawls. To stave off any embarrassing problems, short from banning alcohol from the reception, only ask guests that know their limits to give toasts. A bit of responsibility can go a long way in preventing the cops from attending your wedding.

Mother Nature
Earthquakes, hurricanes and even torrential downpours have caused weddings to be postponed or cancelled. Sadly, you can’t control the weather but you aren’t helpless. Make sure any wedding contracts include bad weather clauses and a backup venue (if you are being married outdoors) to prevent you from losing money if bad weather threatens your wedding day.

Wedding Crashers
Yours truly was a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding when a persona non grata showed up. Things were a bit harried for a minute, but in the end, everything else worked out fine and the bride didn’t know a thing. Short of employing a bouncer at your wedding, inform your bridesmaids to keep an eye out for anyone that is unwelcome and have the most tactful, discreet bridesmaid break the news to the interlopers. Very few people want to make a scene and the crasher or crashers will leave the venue ASAP.

So, you ordered an elaborate, seven-tiered cake fit for royalty. Unfortunately, said cake didn’t survive the trip to your venue. Now what do you do? If you hired a seasoned baker to create your cake, chances are you can sit back and relax. If not, you might need to run to the nearest grocery store to pick up a replacement. The best way to handle this scenario is to ask your potential baker what they would do if that above scenario happened to them. Some bakers make extra cakes in case they may need to create a replica cake at the reception.

Let’s face it, there will be hiccups on your wedding day. They key to battling them is staying calm and preparing for certain disastrous situations. A minor inconvenience is nothing for a lifetime of happiness.

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